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Check Out This Crazy Yamaha ‘Scooter’ Concept

Yamaha F155 Concept

What Am I Looking At?

Although this Yamaha F155 concept is being marketed as a scooter, it might be the coolest looking scooter/bike hybrid I’ve ever seen. Yamaha unveiled this crazy concept today and it’s too cool not to share.

Yamaha F155 Concept

Yamaha turned the spotlight onto this scooter following the Exciter 155 unveiling. The scooter borrows its 155cc powerplant from the R15, and instead of traditional CVT scooter philosophy, Yamaha has decided to throw a geared transmission into this little beast to make it as fun to ride as possible. The power figures are pretty nice as well with the bike producing 20 horsepower out of the 155cc engine.

The suspension on this scooter sees USD forks in the front and a frame-mounted mono-shock in the rear that gives life to the oddly shaped swingarm.

Yamaha F155 Concept

It’s pretty interesting to see a “scooter” share style cues with full-size superbikes, and the fairings on this motorcycle prove that. The scooter has an amazing side profile with a highly aggressive tail section that looks like it has been taken directly from a MotoGP bike. The rims, exhaust, belly pan, and front fender all look like they have been taken straight from Yamaha’s line-up of superbikes.

If you’re looking for a great little commuter scooter that hides amongst the superbike crowds while ditching the goofy Vespa-styling we hope this machine makes the production line.

At the moment Yamaha has only displayed this scooter as a concept. There are no firm details on whether or not this project will make production, but with the Exciter 155 being pushed out to Asia and this concept being unveiled at the official release, hopefully, Yamaha has some plans to tie the two scooters together somehow down the line.