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Check Out the Limited Edition VELDT x CRD Helmet


Expensive, Exclusive

VELDT does some great collaborations on motorcycle helmets, and the most recent is with Cafe Racer Dreams (CRD). As you can imagine, the VELDT x CRD helmet is a beautiful blend of old-school cafe racer styling and new-school helmet technology and construction. The helmet features a unique full-face design with a sun visor and chin bar attached to what would otherwise be a killer retro-styled open face helmet. 

According to the company, this is the fourth Builder Edition Collaboration the company has done, and it wanted to partner with the famous Madrid manufacturer. The helmet has a unique diamond-inspired green to black gradient graphic that sets it apart from the other helmet options out there. Also, the unique style of the full-face lid, to begin with, is dramatically different than many other helmets on the market. Inside, the helmet features a saddle-stitched interior. That interior is made of lamb leather and black calf leather features on the trim. There is a clear short visor that you can add that comes with the helmet.

This DOT and ECE helmet looks really cool, and if you’re interested in a designer lid that will also keep you safe, then it’s a good option. However, the VELDT x CRD helmet is a very expensive piece of gear. You’re looking at $1,230 for this bad boy. It’s very stylish, but it’s honestly a pretty simple design. Personally, if I were to spend that kind of money on a helmet, I’d consider something else, but then I’ve never been accused of being stylish. Not turned off by the price and way cooler than all of your friends? Check out the helmet here.