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Check Out LS2’s New FF805 Race Helmet


Racing Quality At An Affordable Pricepoint

Spanish helmet maker LS2 has a brand new helmet that they cooked up for the 2021 MotoGP season, and much like Shoei’s X14, you can buy this lid for your own riding on the road/track as well.

The LS2 FF805 Thunder was fully designed and developed to be used on a motorcycle race track. The company sponsors some Spanish riders on the Moto2 and Moto3 grid, and they will be wearing the lid for their 2021 season; so that proves its safety and performance more than any other piece of data or factoid can prove.


The helmet features a full carbon fiber shell construction to keep it rigid and as lightweight as possible. The shell is also shaped with proper race aerodynamics in mind, meaning that this helmet is probably best suited for a motorcycle with a much more bent-over riding position rather than a bike that is up-right.

The safety features extend from its extremely strong shell to the shatter-proof visor (also pinlock ready), and despite the high focus on keeping you safe, LS2 has managed to squeeze in some ease-of-use features to keep this helmet comfortable for most street riding scenarios through the use of comfort padding, linings, and ample ventilation.


Buying a carbon fiber helmet isn’t cheap. Furthermore, buying a helmet that is actually used in professional racing series is also not cheap, but Ls2 managed to pull some strings and streamline the manufacturing process of this helmet enough that they can provide this lid at a wickedly attractive pricepoint of $590 USD for the solid liveries. If you happen to want a helmet with a little more spice, you can get the graphic versions for $650 USD. If you want to become a professional racer, you can grab the FIM-approved version for $767 USD… Becoming a professional motorcycle racer has never been so cost-effective.