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Cheap and easy check on used motorcycles

VIN PPSR Cheap and easy check on used motorcycles

If you are buying a used motorcycle, you should check to see if it is stolen, has money owing on it, has been written off in a crash or has been damaged in a flood or storm.

Buyers used to check the state-based REVS (Register of Encumbered Vehicles) or VSR (Vehicle Securities Register).

Since 2012, this has been nationalised in Australia under the Personal Property Security Register ( website which now costs just $2, down from $3.40. Click here for a motorcycle search.

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In the USA, is an online store that use the standard 17-digit VIN found on any vehicle manufactured or sold in the USA and provides a reliable way to research the history of the motorcycles. Their goal is to become the primary source for Motorcycle and other Power Sports VIN Checks and to be known as a reputable, reliable source of VIN check information in our industry. You can now benefit from some of these CycleVin coupon codes and save up to 60%.

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PPSR check

At least you can be assured with a PPSR check that you do not end up buying a lemon, a stolen bike or one that will be repossessed by a finance company because the previous owner still owed money on it.

There are several private websites that offer similar services, but they can be quite expensive and may offer information that is not relevant to your purchasing decision.

Be wary if you simply Google-search for “PPSR” as you will also find private suppliers. These are only useful if you want a more in-depth report that may show things such as odometer regularities, or “clocking” where the seller winds the odd back.

The PPSR offers this service as well, but it costs more.

To make a PPSR check, all you need is your credit/debit card ($2) your vehicle identification number (VIN) and your email address.

The VIN can be found on your registration notice or usually on the steering head, front frame or on the bottom of the engine.

It could be on a special plate, or stamped or etched into the frame or engine.VIN PPSR Cheap and easy check on used motorcycles

Turn the handlebars to the left and look on the right side of the frame where the steering head goes through the frame.

In a car, a VIN could be in a number of different places: Wheel arches, dashboard, boot, under the spare tyre, doors, door frames, and in the engine bay.

PPSR can also be accessed for various other personal property such as cars, boats, caravans, pant, machinery, shares and even works of art.

You can also search non-material items such as accounts, intellectual property, investment instruments, or licences.