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Cake Has a New Kalk INK Electric Motorcycle

Cake Kalk INK

The Swedish Electric Bike Company Continues to Innovate

I was skeptical of Cake’s Kalk motorcycle, but then I rode it at AIMExpo and it was a lot of fun. The electric machine is killer, and I’m glad to report that Cake has a new Kalk INK motorcycle, designed for off-road use. This bike is a lower-priced machine and should help Cake sell more models.

The company was able to get the price down to $9,500. Hitting below $10k is big for the company. It opens the door to a whole new customer base. It might still seem high to some, but It’s not a bad package, especially when you consider the quality of the machine. I saw one of the Kalks up close and got to ride it, and the bike is extremely well-made, and I expect the Kalk INK to be more of the same.

To get the price down, the company focused on keeping as much of the package the same but just cutting costs where it made sense. This means the drivetrain, battery, and aluminum frame are all the same as on the regular Kalk. The Kalk INK features non-linkage rear suspension 19-inch wheelset, and more injection-molded polycarbonate and ABS (plastics) Adding more plastics to the bike and downgrading some of the materials, but keeping the base machine the same is a smart move.

The bike will do 50 mph and it has a ride time of three hours. The bike will be available on June 1. It can be shipped worldwide. If you want to preorder your bike, you can with a $200 deposit.