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Cafe-Racer Styled Gonda GL 1000 GoldWing by DS Motorcycles

Porsche 911 of the Motorcycle World

DS motorcycles (AKA Dragons Motorcycles) is a custom motorcycle builder that brings cafe-racer stylings to large-displacement touring bikes such as the Honda Goldwing and BMW K1100.

Earlier this month they debuted the Honda GL1000 Goldwing build they created. 

The motorcycle features a 1500cc 6 cylinder boxer engine from a Honda Valkyrie – which aptly sparked the nickname of “Porsche 911 of the motorcycle world”. The bike was built in Spain, by Pablo Pérez González, owner of DS motorcycles.

Images from RacerTV

This isn’t like your grandpas Goldwing, this thing is chock-full of crazy design features. Imagine holding your keyfob to the seat to start your motorcycle and having the taillights fold out of the pillion seat like pop-up headlights in an old slant-nose 911. It’s that wild.

Starting with the frame of a 1977 GL Goldwing, Pablo sourced parts from all kinds of different bikes and vehicles. The fuel tank was taken from a Honda CB750 SS, the engine from a Valkyrie, and carburetors from an actual 1968 Porsche 911. Yes, you read that correctly. Pablo literally bolted on engine parts from a Porsche flat 6 to crank the “WTF dial” t0 100.

There was so much care put into the building process of this motorcycle even the giant 360mm disk brakes were custom fab work from the man himself.

This video from RacerTV goes in-depth into the features and building process of the bike, as Pablo sent the channel exclusive photos and a written story of how the motorcycle came to be. Unfortunately, the video audio is unbearably awkward as the channel utilizes a text-to-speech tool since English is not their first language. But if you can sit through the voice-over work you will be rewarded with insane exhaust-note clips sprinkled throughout the video to get a better understanding of the noise this straight-piped monster creates.