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BRP Has Plans For Electric Models For All Product Lines

2021 Can-Am Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky
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BRP Hopping On The EV Train By 2026

5 years isn’t a long time… It feels like just yesterday we were living in 2016. So for those BRP fanatics looking to be electrified; by 2026, BRP plans to offer an electric version of its models across all product lines.

BRP EV Vehicles

Bombardier Recreational Products is looking to invest over $300 million to achieve this goal. Sea-Doo, Spyders, and go-karts will all come with an EV option for new models.

BRP claims that although this is a five-year initiative, we could see the first models being rolled out as soon as two years from now. Throwing money at a wall won’t build you an EV Spyder, so the company plans to expand its team working on this project and is even going to the extent of creating an EV Development center in Canada to further R&D on the battery system.

“We have always said electrification was not a question of ‘if’ but a question of ‘when’. Today, we’re very excited to unveil more details of our plan to deliver market-shaping products that will enhance the consumer experience by offering new electric options,” said José Boisjoli, President and CEO. “We are leveraging our engineering know-how and innovation capabilities to define the best strategy for developing electric-powered products,” he added.

“We are thrilled to create our EV expertise centre, taking steps into the world of electrification,’’ said Bernard Guy, Senior Vice-President, Global Product Strategy. “Experts on our EV team will feel the agility of a startup environment but will benefit from BRP’s financial resources and state-of-the-art equipment to design our in-house technology,”he added.