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Brough Superior Pays Homage to World Record Holder

Herbert Le Vack
Herbert Le Vack per

British motorcycle manufacturer Brough Superior has developed an ultra-exclusive release to pay homage to the notorious SS100 V-twin from the 1920s.

The now French-based boutique brand has named this motorcycle the SS100 ‘Bert le Vack’ and it was inspired by the gentleman who held speed records in the 1920s, often on Brough Superior bikes.

Brough Superior

Throughout the 1920s, Le Vack was a British motorcycle racer, engineer, and adrenaline junkie. During the era, le Vack broke nine world records and notoriously when he rode the British made Brough Superior to 119.05mph at Arpajon in France.

While le Vack raced at the banked Surrey racetrack, he earned himself the moniker of the “Wizard of Brooklands”. Le Vack’s skills were in high demand from many racing firms as he was a notable engineer, tuner, and rider.

Le Vack also had a hand in developing the 986cc V-twin as used by Brough Superior at the time. While le Vack was racing in Switzerland in 1931, he was unfortunately killed at the age of 43.

Brough Superior

Brough Superior’s new release will be very similar to the SS100’s introduced in 2016. It will sport a 997cc 90 degree V-twin capable of 100 horsepower, double-wishbone style front end, dual front brakes, titanium tank straps reminiscent of le Vack’s Brough Superior, and a titanium grey paint scheme.

Brough Superior has been set to release just nine examples of the limited edition “Bert le Vack” SS100 at an. This is very fitting as le Vack broke nine world records in 1924 with deliveries to take place in mid-2021.