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British Motorcycle Gear BMG Adventure II Jacket

Second Take on the BMG Adventure Jacket

British Motorcycle Gear
British Motorcycle Gear Review Summary
Review Summary
The BMG Adventure II jacket has been a popular seller and the mild updates have only improved on what is already an excellent value for an all-around, lightweight dual-sport or adventure-touring jacket.
Quality construction and detailing
Soft and comfortable feel
Roomy fit
Wind- and water
resistant accessory liner included
Excellent value
Zippers are not the locking type
Neck could use a wider range of adjustment
A Good Buy

The British Motorcycle Gear BMG Adventure II jacket is a recent update to the original BMG Adventure jacket (review). The updates include the deletion of the removable sleeves (some originals with removable sleeves are still available). Also included in the Adventure II jacket is the use of new DuPont 2120D Cordura material and improved Knox Lite armor.

Otherwise, the BMG Adventure II jacket is similar to my review of the original and it remains an all-time favorite. It provides outstanding value in a lightweight shell designed for dual-sport and adventure-touring without having to spend a fortune. The Adventure II jacket, when matched with the BMG Adventure pants (review), is a can’t-miss lightweight outfit.

Time passes so quickly — it was just about two years ago that we had the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Custom (review) here for a webBikeWorld review. I remember both the bike and the jacket I was wearing at the time — the “original” British Motorcycle Gear BMG Adventure jacket (review).

Check out the photo of the Harley in front of the beautiful blooming azaleas in that review. That was around mid-April and the review was published in June of 2010. It’s now May 1 of 2012 and only the shaded azaleas are still in bloom. But just by coincidence, I’ve been wearing another BMG Adventure jacket. This is the BMG Adventure II and it has all the goodness of the original, but with a few bonus updates, and all with the same $279.00 price tag.

British Motorcycle Gear BMG Adventure II Jacket Front and Side Views


BMG Adventure vs. Adventure II Jacket

I described the original BMG Adventure jacket in detail in the 2010 review, and many/most of the general features haven’t changed.

So I won’t repeat all of it here; instead, this is a webBikeWorld “Quick Look” and I’ll comment only on the updates to the BMG Adventure II jacket.

One thing hasn’t changed: the BMG Adventure and Adventure II jackets still use the same “different” design philosophy.

The jacket is a shell only, without the typical insulating and water-resistant liners attached. It still comes with a lightweight windbreaker that also offers some protection from the rain when worn underneath; it’s stored in the big cargo pocket in the rear of the jacket.

The major difference between the BMG Adventure and Adventure II is that the updated version does not have the removable arms.

If you recall, the original BMG Adventure jacket had removable arms, a feature I’ve never found to be very useful, so I don’t miss it at all.

The outer shell of the Adventure II jacket has the same features as the original, but some of the fabric has been changed to feature DuPont 2120D Cordura Ballistic Nylon.

This is supposed to be a new version of Cordura that is more abrasion-resistant than some of the other types used in motorcycle jackets. It has a heavy weave and the 2120D Cordura is also found in heavy-duty luggage and other products that will see a lot of wear.

The heavier Cordura is used mainly in the back and along the front in the chest of the new Adventure II jacket, yet the jacket shell still retains its overall soft feel.

The other difference is that the updated Adventure II jacket uses Knox Lite armor. The armor found in the Adventure and Adventure II jackets is nicely designed and it feels comfortable and protective.

The jacket also comes with a large back protector that, while not race-quality, is much better than the wimpy stuff that comes with most motorcycle jackets. It actually feels like it adds real protection to the jacket, and that’s always a good thing.

British Motorcycle Gear BMG Adventure II Jacket Side and Rear Views

Jacket Colors

The BMG Adventure II jacket shown here is the blue variant; that colorway has always been available and I figured I’d give it a try, just for something a bit different.

It’s a nice “electric” blue color and, I’ve read, blue is also visible in traffic in certain lighting conditions and better than red or yellow in the Fall (due to yellow- and red-colored leaves in the background).

Whether the blue is more or less visible than the orange BMG Adventure jacket and under what conditions, I don’t really know for sure.

Apparently, there’s a reason why some of the police and emergency vehicles in various countries around the world use blue color patterns. I remember reading an article once about the use of blue for safety clothing and I wish I could find it again.

In any case, the blue looks good and it’s a nice change from the usual shades of reds or grays — and certainly a lot better than all black.

British Motorcycle Gear BMG Adventure II Jacket Reflectivity

British Motorcycle Gear BMG Adventure II Jacket Arm Adjusters


Other Features

The BMG Adventure II jacket is loaded with pockets, including a removable cell phone pocket on the upper right chest, a change or security card pocket on the lower left sleeve; and the usual array of chest, waist, back and internal pockets.

They were all described in my original BMG Adventure jacket review, so I won’t repeat that here.

The “hydration bladder” (i.e., “water bottle”) is still included. It attaches to the rear of the jacket with a zipper on top and bottom, so it’s not going anywhere. A hose runs over the left shoulder and it can be secured along the front of the jacket.

I get really dry whenever I ride, so this is a nice feature because otherwise, I have to stop and dig out the water bottle that’s always by my side, whether I’m on the bike or off.

Just make sure you thoroughly clean and sanitize the bladder and drink hose after every use, for your own safety and health! Nothing worse than that “swamp water” smell of a funky water supply…yuck!


The only feature I think could be changed on the BMG Adventure II jacket is the zipper type. The zippers do not have locking runners or pulls, which would be useful both for the sleeve vents and the two-way main entry zipper.

I don’t think it would cost much to add this feature, and I’d suggest that British Motorcycle Gear consider it.

Otherwise, the off-brand zippers used throughout the jacket are serviceable and do the job.

British Motorcycle Gear BMG Adventure II Jacket Neck
The neck of the BMG Adventure II jacket can be fastened in either the closed or open position.

Jacket Sizing

The jacket shown here is a size large. The sizing apparently hasn’t changed from the original BMG Adventure jacket; it runs about one size big.

Back in 2010, I had ordered a size XL for a 44″ chest as indicated on the BMG website, but it fit more like an XXL.

The size large fits about like an XL; you can see that it looks slightly large on the model in these photos, who is about in between an L and XL.

So I’d say the Adventure II jacket in size L should fit a 44″ to 45″ chest on a rider with perhaps 32″ (street) sleeve length. Note that the neck has a small range of adjustment though and probably fits a 17″ neck and below.

British Motorcycle Gear BMG Adventure II Jacket Chest
British Motorcycle Gear BMG Adventure II Jacket Fabric
Lightweight fabric can be seen inside the jacket; it flows a lot of air.



The neck of the Adventure II jacket is still two-way adjustable. It can be secured in the open or closed position, which comes in handy for off-road riding.

The BMG Adventure jacket is known for its excellent ventilation.

Plenty of vents and “see through” lightweight fabric along the top and chest (the lighter gray areas seen in the photos) flow a lot of air through the Adventure jacket, so I rarely have to worry about the vents.

This is probably one of the “coolest” 3/4-length jackets you’ll find — perfect for this time of year (Spring and early Summer).

The wBW Opinionator: BMG Adventure II Jacket
Picks… …and Pans.
  • Quality construction and detailing.

  • Soft and comfortable feel.

  • Roomy fit.

  • Wind- and water-resistant accessory liner included.

  • Excellent value.

  • Knox Lite armor.

  • Zippers are not the locking type.

  • Neck could use a wider range of  adjustment.


The BMG Adventure II jacket has been a popular seller and the mild updates have only improved on what is already an excellent value for an all-around, lightweight dual-sport or adventure-touring jacket.

If you don’t have the big bucks for, say, something like a Clover Tekno jacket (review) or a Rev’it Defender GTX outfit (review), then a BMG Adventure II jacket and matching BMG Adventure pants (review) may be the way to go.

The BMG Adventure II jacket costs $279.00 and the pants list for $199.00, so you can have yourself a nice dual-sport outfit for less than the cost of a “big name” jacket alone.

Granted, it’s a bit of a chalk vs. cheese comparison, but there you have it.

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