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Britain’s National Motorcycle Museum Will Reopen In May

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Are We Ready To Open? NMM Is.

After joining the rest of the world and closing its door thanks to everything going on with COVID-19, the British National Motorcycle Museum is slated to officially re-open at minimum capacity come May 17th of this year.

Closing your business’s doors for a year doesn’t do your company any favors, so as a result, NMM had to hold a raffle to recuperate some funding to facilitate this 2021 reopening to happen. The “NMM Triumph Over Adversity Appeal Raffle” has gone (somewhat) according to plan, and along with assistance from the U.K. government and how things will play out with their rollout of updated restrictions, opening in the next few months should be a breeze.

Despite the raffle securing a sizable ~£200k, the NMM is still falling short of their goal of £500k. Thanks to laws in the United Kingdom, residents outside of the countries borders aren’t allowed to participate in this special raffle, and instead can donate money through the British National Motorcycle Museum’s website if they wish to assist the historic museum in their grand re-opening.

The pandemic is still fluctuating in many parts of the world, however, so although funding and the final word from the government play a big part, most of the weight for this re-opening will hinge on where things are at with regards to COVID-19.