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BMW’s R18 Cruiser Was Caught on Camera

BMW's R18 cruiser

It Looks Ready to Me, BMW

BMW has a new cruiser in the works that is probably its most hotly anticipated bike in a while. It’s likely coming out at EICMA next month. The model was recently spotted being moved around while covered by a tarp, according to MoreBikes. The R18 Concept for those of you who have been hiding under a rock was unveiled at the Elegance Competition of Villa d’Este.

It was unclear at first if the bike would become a production motorcycle. It was clear that the engine BMW created would be used in something, well, the R18 cruiser that’s seen under the tarp is the bike that takes what the concept was trying to do and bring it to production. The bike will look different. Even in the glimpse of it here you can see that it’s not the same amazing machine as the concept. 

However, there’s definitely some of the same lines and that big engine is there. The front wheel is obviously different and the exhaust tips are visible and are different from the fishtail exhausts on the concept. My guess is that it’s still a handsome motorcycle, but I’d hesitate to say that it looks as stunning as the concept. I’ll keep you posted when it debuts, which will most likely be at EICMA.