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BMW to Expand Rental Program to U.S. and Other Markets

2020 BMW F850GS Adventure

The Service Is Growing in 2020

Few things seem to be going right in 2020, but one bit of good news is that BMW plans to expand its Rent a Ride service to more markets. Right now the service is only available in Europe, but the Bavarian motorcycle company plans to expand to 100 rental partners in 12 countries by the end of 2020. 

This is a large undertaking, but it’s certainly doable. BMW has thousands of dealerships all across the globe, and it can utilize this network to make the most of its Rent a Ride program. There are already 89 dealerships in Europe that are participating, and I see no reason why a dealership wouldn’t want to get more people in the door with a rental program like this.

First up, BMW will expand its offerings in Germany, Finland, France, Norway, Austria, and Thailand. From there, the company will open new rental opportunities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, and the U.S. If things go well, it will expand from there.

The rental service sounds pretty great. According to RideApart, riders can sign up for a rental with one of the available machines, get accessories, and get gear. From there, they have as long as the rental period lasts do ride wherever. Dealerships have teamed up with motorcycle tour companies to give renters suggested routes. This can be a great way to test out a machine before buying or for riding on a vacation or trip where you couldn’t bring your bike.