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BMW R1200RT Motorcycle

The BMW R1200RT:  The rumors were true!  The new BMW R1200RT and R1200ST motorcycles have been seen in testing on European roadways.

The bike will get a version of the 1200cc engine from the R1200GS with 110hp and 85 ft. lbs. of torque.

Balancer shafts, smoother gearbox, lighter weight and better handling are also predicted.

33 liters of luggage and a 25 liter fuel tank will be standard. Rumored weight is 229 kg (504 lbs.) down from the 279 kg (615 lbs.) of the current R1150RT.


Munich – The new product line from BMW Motorcycles entered its next round with the unveiling of the new touring bike – R 1200 RT- at its world premiere during the Bologna Motor Show on Thursday, December 2, 2004.

This model will be available to the European market in January 2005.

And, in time for the start of the spring riding season, the sports touring model – R 1200 ST – will also be available as the third model of the new Boxer generation and successor to the R 1150 RS.

Both models are scheduled to arrive in the US by the spring of 2005.

The basis for the development of the two new models is supported by the drive train, innovative chassis elements and the modern technologies of the R 1200 GS.

Both the new sports-tourer and touring bike provide impressive performance with increased power and reduced weight. The R 1200 RT exhibits excellent handling and ride comfort.

With an engine rated at 110 bhp and a road-ready weight of less than 573 lbs, the new R 1200 RT provides performance and riding pleasure on long and short tours.

The R 1200 ST, rated at the same horsepower with a weight just below 507 lbs, offers increased handling agility and dynamic performance appealing to the sport-touring rider.

The design of the two models is characterized by clean lines and striking surfaces. In the R 1200 RT, the body fairing is subdivided into separate areas and occupies different levels.

This visually highlights the already light feel of the motorcycle. Together with the electrically adjustable windshield, the fairing provides protection from wind and weather.

The dual headlamps of the R 1200 ST with its sharp contours give the sports touring bike a very characteristic and distinctive appearance. The fairing is designed to highlight the sporty orientation of the bike, yet still provide appropriate comfort and protection to the rider.