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BMW patenting adjustable-width seat

Relief for a pain in the butt?

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I cannot understand why it hasn’t happened sooner, but BMW Motorrad is only now applying for a patent of a design for a seat that can be adjusted for width as well as height.

As far as I’m concerned, the riding comfort of a motorcycle is one of the most important facets of a motorcycle.

It contributes to your enjoyment, your ability to travel long distance and even primary safety. After all, you are a lot more alert and a better rider if you aren’t squirming around in your seat distracted by the pain in your butt.

All motorcycle seats are a compromise in height and with and comfort.

Soft, wide seats may be comfortable on a touring bike, but they don’t connect you with the bike the way a slimmer and harder seat on a sportsbike can.

And adventure bikes need to be narrow so you can stand up without having to have bowed legs.

Stock seats on motorcycles are usually quite uncomfortable, yet even aftermarket seats don’t address the problem of adjustment.

BMW’s US patent application

BMW’s patent-pending design is a quite simple solution to an age-old problem.

It consists of two separate parts underneath the seat cover that are on sliding brackets.

The application, issued through the US Patent Office, doesn’t say how the parts will be adjusted.

Hopefully it is a simple lock that can be adjusted by hand.