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Bloodbikes Australia to pandemic rescue

Blood Bikes Australia Peter Davis
Blood Bikes Australia founder Peter Davis

Bloodbikes Australia is hoping to expand its duties from rushing blood to hospitals to include vital medical equipment needed for the coronavirus pandemic fight.

Founder Peter Davis says he is discussing the issue with the Mater Hospital group in Brisbane to deliver medical equipment, personal protection equipment, gloves, masks, medicine, ventilators and other urgent necessities to hospitals, nursing homes and hospices.

A similar scheme is underway in Ireland where riders are even delivering donated baby monitors to communicate with quarantined patients.

Bloodbikes background

Bloodbikes started in Manchester, UK in 2011 and Peter launched Bloodbikes Australia in September 2019.

He has made several deliveries where all other delivery methods have been exhausted and time is of the essence.

“It was started because there were circumstances when a motorcycles can be a lot faster than a car in making urgent deliveries of blood to where it is required,” Peter says.

Blood he has delivered has been used in surgery as well as transfusions for cancer patients.

Peter delivers blood supplies to the Mater Hospital
Peter delivers blood supplies to the Mater Hospital

Peter says he had already started discussing the possibility of extending to deliver breast milk, medicines and other medical products.

“Recent discussions with the Mater are now looking into ways in which Bloodbikes Australia can help especially in these difficult times,” he says.

“Bloodbikes Australia is entirely voluntary. We volunteer our time, fuel and motorcycles.

“We are not an emergency service and abide by all the road rules and speed limits. We are not police or ambulance ‘wannabes’.

“We are just motorcycle enthusiasts who want to make our passion for riding available to do some good in the community.”

As an essential medical service, urgent deliveries would also be exempt from any travel restrictions during the current pandemic.

Volunteer call

Peter says he has interested volunteers on the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and Perth.

“More volunteers would be always welcome,” says Peter.

“People are ready to volunteer, but the difficult part can be getting healthcare organisations, hospitals and blood banks to appreciate and understand how useful Bloodbikes can be.

“That’s what we need more than anything.”

If you are interested in Bloodbikes Australia, visit their Facebook page where you can private message Peter or email him directly here.