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Bimota Shares Some Hazy Teasers of the KB4 Retro Sportbike

Bimota KB4

Looking Good From These Photos

Bimota’s KB4 was rumored and some renderings were shown recently. However, now Bimota has teased a couple of blurry images of the possible future retro-sportbike. You can’t see much from the images beyond the overall shape of the bike, but it definitely looks like the motorcycle will stick pretty close to the renderings that were showed off not too long ago.

It’s really tough to see much of anything, but I can say it looks like the bike will get some standard front forks and some clip-on handlebars as well as a retro-inspired front fairing. From the bike, the bike looks a lot like the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX sportbike that it is supposed to be based on. There’s likely tons of unique features and equipment here, but it’s tough to see it.

Bimota KB4

The blurry images are pretty smart. You get a look at the whole bike, but you can’t actually tell anything from them. It’s like having really poor eyesight. Despite the lack of information, one thing is certain: Bimota will likely build this bike. With the renderings, there’s always the chance that it was just the design department playing around, but these images show a bike that is actually in physical development. That has me pretty excited for what is to come.