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Bimota KB4 In Testing

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The long-awaited Bimota KB4 has reached official testing status and is on track for its official release scheduled for April of 2021.

The Bimota KB4 is a small production superbike built around the Kawasaki 1043cc inline-four engine derived from the Ninja 1000. This motorcycle has had a lot of chatter surrounding it, and luckily – thanks to Bimota’s recent posts – we can see the motorcycle in all its testing glory; confirming that it is indeed on schedule for its big release.

In the last few months, Bimota has been posting tons of clips from testing their KB4 and Tesi H2. This recent video show’s the vintage-racer-styled KB4 coming to a complete stop using the front brake with arms containing accelerometer sensors protruding from the sides of the vehicle (to record data for further inspection). The rider puts the motorcycle into a full front-wheel stoppie on wet roads (dangerous), but the stopping power seems ample and the computer ABS system appears to be doing its job.

Although this is a short clip, we’re pleased to see the KB4 is motion, and more importantly, hear that Kawasaki engine scream. We get a quick glimpse to hear the Ninja 1000 engine rev up, and I can tell you right now this bike probably has a much more intricate exhaust system than what you would find on Kawasaki’s Ninja 1000.

The best part about this motorcycle in my opinion is the fact that Bimota set out to cram a 1000cc+ engine into what they describe as a “600cc frame/formfactor”; meaning small bike, big power. The combination of power and agility in this bike will make it a track monster, and the vintage racer styling shows that in just its visual presence.

The motorcycle will be limited to 20 units for the UK market when the official scheduled release for April rolls around. Originally the bike was scheduled for a March release, but something seems to have changed up their plans and now sources are stating that we’re looking at a release at some point in April.