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Bike Valuations – What is your motorcycle worth?

Motorcycle sales growth

If you’re buying, selling, insuring, financing or claiming your bike on tax, it’s vital that you have an accurate present and future idea of what your bike is worth from a reliable bike valuation provider.

Glass’s Guide has been the market leader in the Australian automotive landscape since its inception more than 50 years ago. It is the source most trusted by dealers and the motorcycle, insurance and finance industries.


Everyone knows that when you ride your prized possession out the showroom floor, the value of your bike drops substantially. But by how much?

When you go to insure your new bike, what value should you insure for? Insure for too much and you are overpaying on your premium. Insure for too little and you won’t get enough to replace it.

And what exactly does “market value” mean on your insurance, anyway?

When the insurance company goes to pay out at less than the true market value, you can enlist the support of Glass’s Guide to back up your claim.

Or check out Alan of We Want Your Motorbike.

Motorcycles - riders benefit from industry agreements motorcycle prices - motorcycle worth

It will also help when you’re buying a bike, new or used.

Is the listed price fair and reasonable, over-inflated or a must-buy bargain of a lifetime? Glass’s Guide can give you a trusted valuation.

Glass’s Guide spokesman Rushed Pakar says their motorcycle database goes all the way back to 1977.

“We make sure that every vehicle released to market is captured and updated in our database which is then passed on to leading banks and insurance companies across the country,” he says.

If you’re negotiating a lease agreement on a new motorcycle, again Glass’s Guide can give you an accurate assessment of the value at the end of the lease arrangement.

“In today’s competitive landscape where decreasing vehicle prices are fast becoming the norm, one needs to know what the value of their assets (vehicle) was, is and will be in the future,” Rushad says.Motorcycle sales growth motorcycle worth

“Insurance premiums and private sales are a major reason why people usually value their vehicle.

“Knowing what your vehicle is worth in the market usually is a good idea before one goes around looking for good deals.

“A used vehicle value directly reflects the popularity of a vehicle in a market and such information comes in handy during a trade-in or possible auction clearance.”

Glass’s Guide will give you an industry-accepted market valuation you can bank on.