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Best Motorcycle Products of 2007

Best Motorcycle Products of 2007

January 3, 2008 – Here we are — another year bites the dust, which means that it’s time once again for the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year awards!

It’s become a New Year’s tradition to pick our favorite motorcycle products and accessories from all of the interesting gear we reviewed in the prior year.

Motorcyclists are a pretty lucky lot, because the manufacturers are continually releasing a huge number of new and exciting products that combine technology with function to help make our sport safer and more enjoyable.

So our annual awards are designed to give kudos to those products which, in our opinion, are distinguished from the competition by offering the best features and functionality with the best value in their class.

The categories change from year to year, depending upon the products we’ve reviewed.

2008 marks the beginning of our 8th year of operations.

Pumping out 3-5 motorcycle product reviews each week is an enormous task. Each review takes several weeks of evaluation; hours in the photo studio and a lot of time spent post-processing, writing, editing and more.

We also started producing our own videos in 2007, which adds even more time and effort to each review.

But it’s all worthwhile when we see how many of you visit the site each day from over 144 countries around the world!

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Your support will help us continue to bring you even more of the best and most detailed motorcycle product reviews in the world.

Supporting webBikeWorld also means that we can continue to support our favorite charities.

We’re very proud of this program and thankful for our ability to help others — we’ve donated over $25,000.00 to charities so far!

Thanks also to our many contributors in 2007 and the wonderful articles they’ve submitted, including Chris B., H.B.C., Joe from Dallas, Kim, Lori, Shawn Cochran, “Burn”, Bill C., the Mad Dog and many more.

They’ve added to the richness and variety of our community.

And don’t forget that we’ll get a peek at the latest and greatest products for 2008 during our annual trek to the Dealer Powersports Expo in Indianapolis in February, so stay tuned for the webBikeWorld live reports from that show.

From all of us to all of you, best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2008!

Rick K. Editor

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wBW 2007 Motorcycle Product of the Year Awards

2007 Motorcycle Helmet of the Year

GMAX GM68S Helmet

Just in time for 2007, the GM68S is a new helmet from GMAX and it’s a real standout, with a huge feature set, great quality, super ventilation and the most optically correct visor we’ve ever used, all at an incredibly low price!

2007 Men’s Motorcycle Clothing of the Year

Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Jacket

Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Jacket
Joe Rocket has been making high-quality clothing at motorcyclist-friendly prices for many years and we finally got around to reviewing version 7 of their Ballistic 3/4-length jacket. It’s very comfortable yet light weight, fully waterproof and it’s loaded with features, all at a reasonable price.

Leather Jacket:  Furygan “Fighter” Leather Jacket
Furygan is a well-respected European motorcycle clothing manufacturer, now in the U.S.A. Their “Fighter” jacket is a supple and comfortable work of art that works both on and off the bike.

Women’s Motorcycle Clothing of the Year

Cortech LNX Women’s Jacket
The Cortech LNX jacket is not only unique and great-looking, it includes a full array of protective features.

Get one before they’re all gone!

Motorcycle Clothing of the Year – Jeans

Shift Lowdown Jeans

SHIFT Lowdown Jeans
We took a look at a few of the new SHIFT offerings during the year, and the SHIFT Lowdown jeans are super-comfortable yet stylish enough to wear on the street.

Winter Motorcycle Clothing of the Year

Tourmaster Synergy Heated Vest

Tourmaster Synergy Heated Vest
Tourmaster is known for providing a functional line of motorcycle clothing at very reasonable prices.

Their new line of Synergy heated clothing includes everything you need to stay warm, including this super-warm vest, controllers, wiring and plug-and-play connections to the rest of the Synergy line, all at a great price.

Motorcycle Gloves of the Year

Roadgear Adaptive-Tec Gloves

Roadgear Adaptive-Tec Gloves
Roadgear does it again with their Multi-Season Adaptive-Tec gloves.

The Roadgear Boss winter gloves are still our favorites when the temps drop below 45, and now the new Multi-Season gloves provide fantastic comfort and good protection in a wide range of temperatures from 45 and above.

Motorcycle Tool of the Year

Harbor Freight Gordon LED Flashlight

Harbor Freight Gordon LED Flashlight
This little $4.99 Harbor Freight Gordon flashlight is one of the most powerful small LED flashlights we’ve found at any price.

It’s way more powerful than many flashlights costing 10 times more and it includes a machined aluminum body, O-ring protection and a water-resistant on/off switch.

It even comes with a lanyard, all for a rock-bottom price. Get ’em while you can — we bought a handful!

Motorcycle Accessory of the Year

Pazzo Adjustable Levers

Pazzo Adjustable Levers
Pazzo Adjustable Motorcycle Levers are a functional work of art.

They look way better than any stock levers could, they’re CNC-machined and they come in a wide variety of beautifully anodized colors to give any bike instant street cred.

Motorcycle Lighting Product of the Year

Heavycycles LED Brake Light

HeavyCycles LED Brake and Tail Light
You want light?  You got it.

It doesn’t seem possible that there could be a brighter, more effective brake and tail light than this Heavycycles LED replacement light. It fills the entire tail light housing with dozens of super-bright LEDs for instant visibility.

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