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best ebikes that look like motorcycles

About Our Selections

The only criteria for our selections were that the eBike, regardless of brand, resembled an identifiable motorcycle shape. This could be a British motorway cruiser, a Honda miniMOTO, a cafe racer, and the like.

2023 Michael Blast Vacay 500W Lo-Step

An eBike that gets the job done while looking like a 1950's British motorway cruiser

2023 Monday Motorcycles Piezo

It looks so much like a motorcycle that the only thing giving it away as an eBike are the pedals

2023 Revibikes Cheetah Cafe Racer

An eBike that is meant to look like the pre-War flat-track racing motorcycles

2023 Super73 Miami

A mini-eBike that is meant to be just some damned good fun

Stealth Electric B-52

Blurs the line between an eBike & an eMoto

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