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Berlin Won’t See 2021 Motorrad Days Festival Due To BMW’s Cancellation

BMW Motorrad days festival 2019
Image from BMW Motorrad's official website

See ‘Ya In 2022!

Although many motorcycle festivals in America such as Daytona’s Bike Week will continue this year despite the pandemic, Berlin won’t be quite as lucky (or unlucky, depending on your views regarding COVID-19) as BMW has withdrawn their participation in the 2021 Motorrad Days Festival.

BMW had cancelled their 2020 plans due to pandemic reasons after moving the festival from Munich to Berlin, and that precedent will continue for the 2021 calendar year. BMW Motorrad enthusiasts fly in from all around the world for the large-scale event, and it was supposed to take place in July so it’s good that BMW finally put out the release sooner than later as we are quickly approaching March.

In 2019, over 40,000 attendees visited the event, so to limit the spread of the contagious disease due to the large population that the company expected to see at the 2021 festival; all bets are now off. BMW still plans to host the 2022 event in July, but we’ll see where the pandemic is at next year before we make any promises.

The Motorrad Days Festival is a vibrant event full of tons of features much like any other Motorcycle festival/event. Rides, shows, live music, vendors, and release announcements alike can be found during the days that the festival takes place. Although I’m sure many enthusiasts are itching to get out of the house and get involved with their local motorcycle community after being boarded up for months, they will have to, unfortunately, curb their enthusiasm and hope that 2022 brings better chances for the festival thanks to the vaccine rollout.