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Benelli Is Working on 10 New Engines

250cc to 1200cc


That’s a Lot

So, the Chinese owned brand Benelli has been in the news quite a lot recently around the world for new motorcycles and possible new motorcycles. Many of these possible new bikes have what would be a new engine for the brand in them. According to Indian Auto Blog, Benelli will make a total of 10 new engines for new bikes in the coming years. 

There will be single-cylinder engines, parallel-twin engines, three-cylinder engines, and four-cylinder engines. The displacement on these engines will range from 250cc to 1,200cc. It’s unclear what engines exactly will appear but recent bike reveals likely show us some of the 10 engines that will come out.

For example, there’s the Benelli TRK 502 that recently was confirmed for various markets. This bike features a 499cc parallel-twin engine. There is also a larger adventure bike in the works as well as a large sport touring machine that was recently unveiled called the 1200 GT. I’d expect the onslaught of new models around the globe from the brand to continue.

Most of these new bikes are just rebranded QJ Motors bikes, and that is, in many people’s eyes, less than ideal. However, some of these rebranded bikes will undoubtedly be good motorcycles. It will be interesting to see what happens with Benelli in the future.