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Badass Scooters

1. Lambretta – Cut Down

badass scooter1
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The Lambretta Cut Down is both sleek as well as has a stylish design. This scooter has the seat pressed and the rear is raised by the removal of the rear support bracket which is above the rear shock mount. The toolbox door is smoothed over after being welded and there is a GP dropped headset which has been shortened by 2 inches.This scooter is extremely fast for a novice and also the best build one can get. The chrome paint finish lends a classic look to this scooter. This was an original Lambretta which was the line of scooter manufactured by Innocenti. The main original design style is dated pre world war II and these were originally used as field transport for the Marines as well as the paratroopers.

The frame is a spar frame, and there is a handlebar gear change. The engine of this scooter is mounted on the rear wheel.
This is a great Lambretta cutdown which is available and customizable as per the needs and desires of the owner.

2. Vespa LX 50 4V

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This scooter has an elegant design which is timeless. The body is made of compact steel, and this scooter is easily maneuverable in the congested streets of the cities. The scooter uses modern technology as it has a four stroke engine as well as there are four valves and the engine is air cooled. Vespa is also great on fuel efficiency and decreases the cost of running and maintenance of the scooter. The scooter is known to give 90 miles per gallon and runs at 39 miles per hour.

There are a number of other features that you would like about this Vespa model. For one, the vehicle has hydraulic shock absorbers and is fitted with a 200 mm disc brake in the front and a 110mm drum brake at the rear. The tyres are tubeless and the fuel tank can hold 2.3 gallons.

The seat height of the scooter is at 30.5 inches and the length of the scooter is 69 inches by 29.1 inches width.The load bearing structure of the scooter is a metal body made of sheet metal which is reinforced with welding. A great scooter to buy.

3. Honda C90 Cub Custom

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The Honda C90 customized bike is the updated version of the bum, basic commuter only ride. This is an improvement over the original design of the sixties. It offers CDI ignition as well as reduced maintenance costs. This bike is an 85cc bike with an 8bhp engine. It offers 100 miles per gallon, and the seat height is at a comfortable 760 mm.

This bike is not built to give speeds and inspite of the fact that there is a standard drum brake. The leading link forksrise when the user brakes and that causes unloading of the front wheel on slippery surfaces.

What it loses in that area, it gains in the comfort of riding as the suspension as well as full sized wheels are more comfortable than any of the other scooters.

The scooter runs at a speed of around 50 miles per hour and the fuel consumption ratios is good. Overall, it is a good bike to have as a commuter bike though if one wants high speeds, this isn’t meant for him.



4. Vaggelis Loginov

badass scooter4
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This Honda bike looks sturdy enough to survive any natural or manmade calamity. However, there is more to it that just looks. This bike has a 49cc engine and gives amazing mileage. The bike has an automatic transmission and there is no shifting, and the power is seamless while it weaves its way in and out of traffic. It is fitted with an electric starter and a push button. It is reliable and unstoppable, and it comes with the Honda seal of quality and guarantee of worry free service which it will give the user.

This bike has a minimalistic design and has a warrior look about it, It has a 49cc liquid cooled single cylinder engine which is a four stroke engine. It also has an 18mm cv carbueretor as well as an automatic choke which provides the induction. The transmission is via an automatic v-matic belt drive.

This is the most powerful looking rugged piece of machinery one will want. It not only looks macho but helps to save on gas and provides great power while giving 114 miles per gallon.


5. Ian Suyanto

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This underbone motorcycle from Honda comes with a four stroke engine which is a single cylinder engine. It has a displacement range from 49 cc to 109 cc. This motorcycle is comparable to the Ford Model T. It uses pressed steel monocoque chassis and a horizontal engine. This is placed below the central spine. This bike is somewhat between a motorcycle as well as a scooter and, therefore, it is called as a moped or a step thru or a scooterette.

The bike has plastic fairing below the handlebars and the footpegs. This protects the legs of the rider from dust as well as debris as well as it also performs the other job of hiding the engine from clear view. The engine is down and it is away from the seat therefore the airflow engine cooling is more direct. The vehicle has larger wheels as well and due to the engine in the center, this has good balance.

These vehicles are in great demand due to their consistent performance and due to their easy maneuverability to weave through traffic.

6. Mopeds; By Honda

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Ever wanted a scooter that well, was more than just being a scooter? You would love this one then. This vehicle is fitted with a single cylinder four stroke engine. This comes in variants of the C100, C50, C70, C90, C100EX and the C70passport. Due to the fact that the gear box unit as well as the engine is not fixed to the rear axle, the engine is lower and away from the seat therefore it gives the bike a better balance. The fuel tank too is located under the hinged seat. This vehicle is fitted with large 17 inch wheels.

The pushrod overhead valve four stroke engine displaces 49 cubic centimeters and can produce 3.4 kilowatts when at 9500 rpm. This bike gives a maximum of 69 km per hour and it has low compression ratio. The capacitor discharge ignition system which is fitted replaced the contact points ignition and therefore emission standards could be met in even the US markets and, the other major change was that the electrical system was changed from 6 volts and upgraded to 12 volts.

This is a sturdy, reliable as well as a bike for all kinds of persons and especially one to be used in congested cities where parking and traffic is a problem.

7. VESPA – RAT Look

badass scooter7 motorlust org
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Looking for a Vespa scooter that can also double up as a badass scooter? This vehicle is from Vespa,the Italian brand. It is manufactured by Piaggio and literally means “wasp” in Italian.

The beauty is the painted, steel pressed unibody this is a combination of the cowling for the engine as well as the floorboard and the wind protection of the front faring. The vehicle includes handlebar mounted controls as well as air cooling which is forced. The wheels of these scooters are small and the central sector needs to be straddled.

The reintroduced models of this scooter were in 2010 and they were the PX 125 as well as the 200 models. These scooters have a engines which are either 50 cc to it can go up to 150 cc engines and are either two stroke or four stroke in design.

Vespa is a vehicle synonymous with a utilitarian design and it is known to haul even five members of a family on it in some places as well as is used to haul products. This is sturdy and a great vehicle to have for a family.

8. Vespa PS 240 Scooter

badass scooter8
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This is one of the most badass scooters you can find. It looks sleek and people can go wow easily. This Vespa model, comes with the guarantee of the Italian brand created by Piaggio. It is famous for the unibody which is painted in several colors as well as it is pressed and it consists of the enclosing for the engine mechanism, and, therefore, dirt and grease cant get through to it, it has a foot protection flatboard as well as the front faring portion which protects the user from the wind. All this is in a single structural unit.

These scooters come in two frames. The largeframe as well as the small frame. The small frame ones come in 50 cc, 90 cc, 100 cc s well as 125 cc versions. The largeframes scooters come in the 125 cc, 150 cc, 160 cc, 180 as well as the 200 cc range. The PX range of these scooters was reintroduced in 2010 as the PX 125 as well as PX 200 models.These scooters have a global appeal and are found in all markets in Asia, Europe as well as in the US.

9. DORBYWORKS; Custom Honda Ruckus Minty version

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This is a Honda Ruckus, which is more than just a 49 cc bike. The frame is custom designed, and this holds a beefier engine. It has a liquid cooled four strokes single cylinder engine, and the ignition is on CD. The ratio of compression is 11.9: 1 and the front suspension is by twin down tube fork, and the rear suspension is by a single shock. The front, as well as rear brakes, are fitted with drums, and the seat height is at 28.9 inches. This has a fuel tank which can be filled to a capacity of 1.3 gallons. The 114 Miles per gallon is the fuel economy which is estimated basis the EPA exhaust emission.

The actual mileage varies, though. It is dependent on various factors like your riding style, the weather, road conditions, tire pressure, accessories installed, the passenger and cargo weight as well as other factors. These can be customized to the colors that the user desires and is a very sturdy as well as the hardy bike.

10. Honda Cross cub 110cc

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The Honda Cross Cub CT110 is built with a powerful 110 cc engine and has an output of 8 horsepower. This is an on and off road motorcycle and it has high clearance as well as dual purpose tires. The tires are knobby and there are the headlight guards, covered seats as well as the exhaust which is higher and is similar in all these features to the Super Cub as well as the ST70.

The weight of this bike is at 105 kgs, and the power weight ratio is 0.0784 HP/kg. The front suspension is by an inverted telescopic fork. The bike comes in two versions. One which has leg shields, road tires, as well as low, slung exhausts and the other has a more rugged style to it and has high levels of exhaust, and the rubber is dual purpose. However the engine of both are 110 cc, and the horsepower is 8 for both of these versions of the bike. Both the versions are sturdy and can be used on as well as off road with equal ease.

11. Modified Honda C90

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The Honda C90 super cub (passport) is fitted with a single cylinder four stroke OHC engine with a capacity of 89.5 cc. The engine is air cooled, and it offers a compression ratio of 8.2:1. The exhaust of this machine is one into one, and the scooter has a magneto ignition which is fitted onto it.

The machine is a more modern version of the commuter only vehicles created by Honda. The reason for coming up with the CDI ignition is that the maintenance and running cost is reduced. The vehicle is not built for speed and does have some problems when it comes to braking on slippery surfaces but it is the most comfortable ride one can get.For convenience the vehicle is fitted with both kick start as well as an electric start. It can generate 5.6Kw of power at 9500 rpm and the clutch is semi automatic. This bike has 3 transmission speeds.

The best is that the frame is made of a pressed steel underbone.

12. Honda Rat Ruckus Scooter

badass scooter12 lowered lifestyle
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The Honda Ruckus scooter has a compression ratio of 11.9:1 and it has an automatic V-matic belt drive. The front suspension is 1.9 inches of travel and through a turn downtube fork whereas the rear suspension is by single shock and travels 2.6 inches. Both front and rear brakes are fitted with drums and the front tyre is slightly smaller at 120/90-10 whereas the rear tyre is 130/90-10. The design looks cool and the handles are long. It’s as if you could really stand on this scooter and drive, just like one of those electric scooters out these days. The wheelbase is maintained at 49.8 inches and the height of the seight is at 28.9 inches.

This scooter is easy to operate and offers great fuel economy to the user. This scooter though it does not go very fast, yet it is tough and macho and does not look like the feminine 50cc bikes which are available in the market. Though the economy of fuel is dependent on not only the passenger, the weight and load he carries as well as the weather, road condition, pressure in the tires, the accessories and other factors, yet this packs in a great punch.

13. Vespa- Steampunk


badass scooter13
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This is a legendary scooter and has a capacity of around 125cc. The engine is integrated into the chassis which is monocoque. The bike has the power to produce 10 bhp and 10.6Nm of torque and gives a mileage of 60 kmpl and therefore it is a great machine to possess. The engine is powerful and comes with a 3 valve aluminum cylinder. The advantages this offers are the stunning looks, the performance as well as the handling ease. This vehicle is a quality vehicle in the lightweight category.
A good vehicle if you want to splurge.

This is not for an average commuter but one that loves history and the beauty of the vehicle as it us uber stylish and it has retro-styling in addition to packing the punch of great performance. One of the best scooters that is available in the market today. This is true Italian style and performance which is an unbeatable combination.

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