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Background Review: Matrix Helmets

Matrix Helmets seeks to revolutionize the joys of motorcycling and speed by making them safe. Based in London, United Kingdom, they have been consistently innovating new standards of safety in headgear.

Their products are available for international shipments, and you have different types of helmets on offer – from off road, full face shell, to the old school classic helmets. You could also buy some cool helmet accessories like Bluetooth extensions and visors. Their latest offering is the cult Streetfighter Series. Click here for more information.


Matrix Helmets aims to bring about a movement, and safety is the core value in this movement. They promise to give the customer the right blend of adventure and safety, and has a goal to keep everyone equipped before they start their own adventures. Motorcycling, as they put it, is in the DNA of Matrix Helmets.

The employees are also handpicked – and only those with a strong passion for motorcycling represent the company and its interests.

Customer service is its number one priority and today, the company has become an inspiration for those kick starting their bikes right now. While the company represents the carefree spirit of the youth, it also takes a pause and gives us a more stoic version of the aged when it talks about the highest levels of safety.

Core Values

The core values of this company are Comfort, Safety and Reliability.

They aim to replace the age old tradition of bulky and cumbersome helmets with technologically advanced modern equipment–a reason their helmets have been designed to be aerodynamic, convenient and aesthetically appealing.
You don’t just get durable helmets that are high on style – they make sure to test each of their helmets at high speeds of 180 mph on the motorway. Every item on their wardrobe has met or exceeded the DOT standards.

Their passion for bikes allows them to enjoy a better position in terms of understanding the needs and wants of a biker. All of their helmets are sleek and available in different sizes (S. M, L, XS, XL, XXL) to ensure a ‘snug’ fit. A closer look at the different types of helmets they make reflects the kind of machine they have in mind. Helmets are not just a headgear for them. They also, are in fact, an extension of the bike itself.


The company sells headgear and its related accessories. Currently they offer two different editions:

Culture Classics

These are the retro collection they have to offer. These helmets are made from durable fibreglass and deliver the vintage look. The prices in this range start as low as £69.99. Available in different colors and sizes, one can be sure to find his right fit and look. These helmets have a velvety finish and the aesthetic impact is tactile.

Streetfighter Series

This is exactly what a sport biker’s helmet looks and feels like. Tough and rugged, these helmets however are lightweight. The material is fibreglass but the make of it is lightweight composite material. The liner is extremely comfortable and the BioFoam chin pads remove the moisture and keep the head free from sweat. These helmets come with 3mm racing visors and these visors are powered with Secure Visor Lock.

So be it a bumpy road or any kind of swerve on the road, be rest assured that the visor would stay put. These helmets have passed the speed tests of 180 mph on the motorway. So if you love speed, these are the helmets you definitely want to have. The full face shell is what stands for the highest standards of safety on the ride. Compared to the culture classics, the prices of these helmets are on the higher side.

They also deal in jet helmets, off the road helmets, bluetooth equipment and visors.

Customer Service

The company seems to focus on customer service by trying to understand their preferences.

You would find them encouraging bikers to take their rides seriously and be equipped with the protective tools. In their products, they use micrometric quick release buckles, like in their helmets. This doesn’t just help improve bike safety, but also helps you when you are not riding your bike.

The company is known to employ the finest material in their helmets to keep them lightweight and work towards making the helmets aerodynamic – so that a rider doesn’t have to think of a helmet as a burden during long journeys. You also have the company using wave eliminators to keep the helmet stable even during difficult curves and swerves.

All in all, they guarantee a healthy relationship with the customer by giving him comfort, safety and reliability all under one umbrella. After all, these are the three core values of Matrix Helmets.

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