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‘Assaulted’ veteran rider faces new charge

Police Harassment in charity ride Hells Angels assault charge exonerated
Magic being shoved by the officer

An army veteran rider who claims he was assaulted by police at a March 2018 charity ride now faces a charge of not obeying the direction of police.

The incident was caught on this video which shows Michael “Magic” Parr being confronted by Senior Constable Murphy of the NSW Police Strike Force Raptor.

It occurred at Woodenbong on March 3 on the 26th annual Good as Gold ride.

More than eight months later, Murphy has issued a Court Attendance Notice to Magic for not obeying a police direction.

The hearing is scheduled for April 2019 in Kyogle Local Court where Magic this week successfully fought a handlebar defect notice issued at the charity ride.

Handlebar defect

“The judge found in my favour and was critical of police methods for measuring handlebar heights,” Magic says.

“The judge said their methods were inherently inaccurate as it needs to be done under strict guidelines to ensure the measurements are accurate.”

When Magic arrived at Kyogle Court, he was immediately approached by Murphy who asked to see his licence.

“He also checked my bike again,” Magic says.

Veteran assault charge
Magic on his Harley

Murphy appeared in court as a support witness to the officer who issued all the defect notices on the day.

“So anyone who had bar height infringements, especially if close to the allowed range, are probably inaccurate and wrong and they should fight them.

“However, most people can’t afford the time off work to go to court and just pay the fine and move on.

“The whole purpose of Strikeforce Chapel on the day was to stop the ride by whatever means.

Police Harassment charity ride charges charge
The ride was roadblocked

I believe the (measurement) error was deliberate.”

Fail to obey charge

Magic can’t comment on the new charge for reasons of sub judice (under judicial consideration and therefore prohibited from public discussion).

At the time, Magic made a formal complaint to police about the alleged unlawful assault when the officer shoved him.

However, NSW Police Force Professional Standards Unit rejected the complaint, saying the officer’s shove was a “single approved check drill in accordance with his training”.

Click here to read the full reply.

Police Harassment charity ride profiling charge

“Police policing their own is an endemic problem,” Magic says.

There needs to be an external body to handle complaints about police.

“People are being abused and give up making complaints because they know it will not go anywhere.

“Now police feel they can do anything they like.

“I’m looking forward to getting Murphy on the stand as I will be vigorously defending the charges.”

  1. Didn’t Gladys say she was very impressed with Raptor and was considering expanding the unit and its powers ? I’m sure I read that somewhere .

    1. Glady’s ? she,s Out @ the next election so let,s hope that that is the end of the threat she inferred too, this new charge is typical of Police, have to win @ any cost, Magic will be hounded now for years based upon my experience. time to go for a ride to get it out of my mind.

  2. In retardistan a police creature got away with murder literally when the judge stated police have QUALIFIED immunity in their actions. In the case a woman walked out of her front door holding a knife she was several metres away from anyone and the police were behind a fence that the woman would had to have jumped to get at them after running at them from a distance, one officer began to say Drop the Knife but before he could finish he was drowned out by the gun fire of his partner. I don’t think that that judge understands the definition of Qualified? So to define it in that case and this one. A police officer is protected from prosecution when his actions are necessary and justified and within the bounds of the law as defined within the relevant criminal codes for the location and time of day. Police procedures and guidelines are not the law they are determined by the law. Unlawful acts are subject to criminal prosecution regardless of what a police review board says.

  3. What a f##kin joke Nazism and were the Jews take away all our rights little bit bye little bit all of a sudden we cant do jack shit time to stand up AUSTRALIA

  4. If he committed no crime, under the constitution, he is not required to do anything they ask , he is a citizen of the commonwealth, and state laws are invalid

  5. Can’t believe what I just saw. Power tripping Police. ‘Get rid of the attitude” Really? The only attitude I saw was from aggressive members of the NSW police force. This is a big brother approach to stop a few bad eggs. Democratic Free Country we are not if this continues.

    1. After spending 20 years in the military I have heard all these bush lawyers before. They write their own interpretation of the laws. If this gentleman didn’t step up to the officer things wouldn’t have escalated. The copper was provoked but did over react. Then again this whole article is an over reaction and beat up.

  6. Police egos are such a prominent feature and yet so fragile-quite the catch 22 in my opinion,ridiculous behaviour from a cop-clearly not all police are suitable for their jobs.

  7. Rider acting like a moron, police have every right to back off an aggressive act towards an armed officer of the law. Simpleton FB lawyers will claim the shove was assault, but stepping up to glare down at someone is also classed as assault if you learn the definition and the shove was then provocated. Stop spewing bs you heard someone else spew from someone else and learn the laws yourself. Got to stop blindly protecting idiots just because they have a motorcycle. Do as police request, don’t be a dick, no problems! One of the big complaints was the police delayed the riders, yet this “Veteran” is clearly refusing to get on his bike and continue on his way and delaying the rest of the riders. Such hypocritical behaviour and biased reporting.

    1. I’m assuming you are not from a Australia. Constance Murphy has had a reputation for his heavy handed tactics

  8. Isn’t intimidation a golden rule for bikies ..
    Just because that bloke was ex army doesn’t mean shit!
    Police have to put up with all types of idiots so they are doing a fantastic job .
    Keep up the great work fellas

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