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Aprilia Racers Days Track Program Announced

Aprilia Racer Days
Image from Aprilia

Test Aprilia Motorcycles On the Track

Get ready for some fun. Aprilia is now offering what it’s calling Aprilia Racer Days. Basically, it’s seven track-day events where enthusiasts can come out and ride the latest Aprilia bikes in the environment they were built for. Aprilia says it wants to offer an experience with no stop signs, traffic signals, or automobiles to obstruct the sensation. That sounds pretty great if you ask me.

The company will have a fleet of V4 motorcycles on hand, including the RSV4 1100 Factory and the Tuono V4 1100 Factory for attendees to try out. Pirelli is a partner at the event and all motorcycles will have the new Diablo Rosso Corsa II tires. The events will be broken up into three 20-minute riding groups per hour. Those groups will be divided up based on riding experience.

The cost of the event is $225, except at Circuit of the Americas (Texas), which costs $450. The COTA event is the first one that Aprilia will hold on April 16. The company will hold the next event at GingerMan Raceway (Michigan) on April 29. The third event will occur on May 6 at The Ridge Motorsport Park (Washington). Fourth is Buttonwillow Raceway (California) on May 13. The fifth and sixth events occur on May 25 and 26 at the New York Safety Track (New York). The seventh and final event will happen on June 10 at Barber Motorsports Park (Alabama). 

If you always wanted to ride some of Aprilia’s best motorcycles and fancy yourself a bit of a track racer, then the Aprilia Racer Days track program could be a great way to spend $225. I know I’ve spent more money on stupider things. If interested, sign up here, and fast. Aprilia says there’s limited space.