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Andromeda Moto: Track-Rated Leathers From An Astronaut’s Suit

The Andromeda Moto NearX - a synthetic motorcycle suit designed to be more environmentally friendly than original leather

You heard right. 

Check out our newest find – a suit hailing from Andromeda Moto that not only calls for fewer cows, but also manages to maintain all of the protective properties you’d want an armored motorcycle suit to have when turning into the twisties.

A side view of the elbow of the Andromeda NearX motorcycle suit

The brainchild in question has been christened the ‘NearX’ (catchy). It is made of a material called High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) – the same stuff burrito’ed around our country’s astronauts when suited up at the International Space Station. 

a view from above of the new Andromeda NearX motorcycle suit

Rated on the Spanish company’s website as “specially designed for riders with great challenges…AAA certified (the highest level of protection) and…100% vegan”, the NearX motorcycle suit is paired with a Kevlar lining, Superfabric ceramic plates, and the obligatory top-grade body armor. 

a description of the superiority of the Andromeda NearX motorcycle suit

Each motorcycle suit is customized to the rider, features a lighter and more comfortable fit while maintaining complete rider protection…heck, they’ve even tossed in titanium for the elbows.

This baby is world-certified on any track, anywhere, anytime – and it’s a tad more friendly on the environment to boot.

Andromeda advertises that the suit uses 90 liters of water in the whole production process. The life of a cow destined for the track (ha, could you imagine) consumes as much as 51,000 liters of water by comparison. 

a man trying on the all-=new, vegan, environmentally friendly Andromeda NearX motorcycle suit

Andromeda’s next goal is to get this suit onto the MotoGP track while also providing a top-level, environmentally choice for the masses.  And at €1220/$1810.14 USD a pop, I think they’re going a decent job of things. 

A woman named Berat trying out the Andromeda Moto NearX

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