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American Industries Oblige Cream Cleanser

American Industries Oblige Cream Cleanser

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Review Summary

Manufacturer’s Information

Category:  Metal cleaner
Manufacturer: American Industries
Type: Plastic jug, 32 oz. (946 ml)
Retail Price: Unknown
Made In: U.S.A.

Claims – Deep cleans and polishes.  Removes rust and other tough stains.
For Use On – Metal surfaces.
Claimed Features – Multi-use cleaner for virtually all hard surfaces.
Application –  Spray on to surface thoroughly.  For heavy dirt, allow time to penetrate.  May affect some plastic and painted surfaces.

Our Opinions

American Industries (Lumberton, North Carolina) is a large manufacturer of many different types of industrial cleaners and solvents.  We were contacted by them and they suggested we pick a selection of products to try for motorcycle use.Oblige Cream Cleanser is an industrial-grade product and can be ordered through the manufacturer, although we’re not sure if there is a minimum order quantity.

Oblige was not developed for use on motorcycles, but we took a chance.  It’s always fun to find an obscure product that works great on motorcycles; unfortunately it didn’t work out this time.

The product has a vague ammonia-like smell.  It removes dirt and grime from chrome and metal, but doesn’t seem extraordinary when compared to similar products.

Score:  2/5

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