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Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 Airbag System Will Debut at CES

Alpinestars Tech Air

The Latest in the Air-Tech Family

Alpinestars has a new airbag system for the motorcyclists of the world. The company will debut the Air-Tech 5 airbag system at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), according to The publication reported that Alpinestars has added additional protection to the vest to make it one of the best out there. 

The slim and self-contained unit features more body protection than any other airbag gear from the company has before. There’s additional protection in the shoulders, chest, ribs, and entire back. The vest can be worn under pretty much any textile jacket, making it a good option for riders out there who like to wear different jackets at different times of the year.

The sensors are also updated. Alpinestars has six sensors throughout the vest. These sensors keep track of the rider’s position and acceleration to detect an accident. If one is detected, the vest can be deployed in just 40ms. You can connect the vest via Bluetooth to an app to monitor its status, too. The vest battery lasts 30 hours of riding time and can easily be charged up between rides. Alpinestars will showcase the vest at CES and then the vest will go on sale in March of 2020.