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AGV’s Stunning New Limited-Edition Pista GP RR Helmet

Rossi AGV Special Helmet

A Special Helmet For A Special Riders Special Eta

AGV has always had some awesome (and special) Valentino Rossi helmet liveries available to choose from when buying a new lid. The madman has been associated with the brand for as long as I can remember. Like all things Italian go, it only makes sense for the world’s premier Italian helmet manufacturer to sponsor the world’s premier Italian MotoGP legend himself. AGV has a new special edition Pista GP RR helmet that is a callback to Rossi’s early racing days (before he adopted the neon) and features his 2005 MotoGP racing season colors.

We’ve all seen Rossi in the modern era, sporting his dark navy racing suit with extremely fluorescent tennis ball yellow accenting, but back in 2005 the Doc sported a more traditional yellow on black livery that was derived from the legendary Kenny Robert’s set-up from the 80s.

With a $1,700 USD price tag attached to the Pista GP RR helmet, you can assume it is the best product that the Italian helmet manufacturer can produce. This helmet takes all of the small details and cues they have picked up along their MotoGP journey and packages them into a consumer product that exceeds perfection. AGV claims that this helmet is comparable to what you can find the riders wearing in actual MotoGP races in terms of protection and performance.

The helmet is available on the official AGV website for $1,699 USD. If you’re a die-hard Vale 46 fanboy then this is the helmet for you.