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Ace Motorcycles Philippines Will Shut Down

Ace Motorcycles Philippines

Not Due to COVID-19

Ace Motorcycles is a British-owned company that sells Chinese-made motorcycles. The motorcycle company has stopped selling bikes in The Philippines. While many companies are ceasing operations due to COVID-19, Ace cited government corruption as the main reason the company will be shutting down, according to Top Gear Philippines.

“We have had to make this hard decision after we found it impossible to carry out importing motorcycles in an honest and trustworthy manner, having experienced bribery and corruption in nearly every part of doing business with both local and national government departments,” the company said on social media. “We also found operating with the Subic Freeport Zone fraught with problems, bureaucracy, bribery, corruption, red tape, and (high) cost.”

The company makes some excellent classic-looking 250cc and 400cc motorcycles and the bikes apparently seemed to sell well. Unfortunately, those bikes will no longer be available. However, the existing dealerships will continue to sell off their existing inventory. Once that inventory is exhausted, though, that will be it. It’s a shame the company can’t keep operating. Ace will continue to provide parts and service to its customers.