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Accidental speeding while lane filtering

Lane filtering

Many riders have welcomed the introduction of lane filtering, but there are a couple of traps in the laws that could be their undoing.

The new laws in Queensland, NSW and ACT are slightly different, so you should check them first or you could end up inadvertently committing a traffic offence.


However, another trap in lane filtering laws is the main common point in the various state laws: you cannot lane filter at more than 30km/h and the traffic around you can’t be going faster than 30km/h.Lane filtering

You may not realise how difficult that is until you try it.

Just ride at 30km/h down a quiet street and try to stay under 30 without constantly checking your speedo. Now try it in heavy traffic where you have to keep an eye out for cars suddenly changing lanes without constantly checking your speedo. Impossible!

Yesterday, the laws came into effect in Queensland and a two-year trial began in the ACT, so today is the first time many riders will be filtering legally in heavy commuter traffic. If the police in these jurisdictions diligently patrol these new laws, there could be a lot of riders caught out.

It won’t necessarily be riders deliberately flouting the law, but finding it incredibly difficult to monitor their speed as well as their surroundings.

The result could be a lot of accidental speeding infringements.

Let’s hope the police exercise some sense of reasonableness in the introduction of these laws.

Meanwhile, go out and practise your slow riding.

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