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A Look at Dangerous Counterfeit Motorcycle Helmets

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Everything Is Not as it Seems

Knock-off and counterfeit motorcycle gear is a real problem. Companies sell stuff that looks legit to most people but isn’t. In the case of regular clothing, this is far less problematic, but when it comes to motorcycle gear and especially motorcycle helmets, the difference could be fatal. 

Motorcycle News recently did a pretty in-depth report on counterfeit motorcycle helmets. One thing stuck out to me. The publication put up a picture of a real helmet next to a fake one and 25 percent of the respondents thought the real helmet was a fake. 

The publication points out the fact that most counterfeits or knock-offs really do look the part. It’s only after you really dig into the helmet that you start to notice the differences. At first glance, it can be difficult to tell. One tell is if they’re missing important stickers like DOT and ECE stickers. Another tell is if the deal is simply too good to be true. That 90 percent off deal of an AGV Pista you found online? Yeah, that’s probably a fake. Most of these fake helmets come from China and Indonesia. Many of them are racing replica helmets.

So how do you avoid accidentally buying a fake helmet? Only buy through a reputable company, from the brand itself, or through a retailer that the brand recommends. Revzilla and 2Wheel are two companies that we typically point to for gear. Amazon can be a good choice but make sure the seller is actually AGV, Shoei, Arai, HJC, or whatever other helmet brand you’re buying. Lastly, use good common sense. If there’s a deal that’s too good to be true, remember it probably is. If you want to know which helmets are the best, check out our helmet guides.