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A Lamborghini Motorcycle Concept?

The Artists Rendering Shows What It Could Look Like

lamborghini motorcycle concept

The Lambo of Two Wheels

If Lamborghini ever made a motorcycle, you can be it would be a pretty extreme design. The car company is known for its outlandish machines, and artist Al Yasid has captured what that might look like in his latest concept design. 

Yasid is known for his car designs, but this time he thought he’d change things up and give motorcycles a shot, specifically, a Lamborghini-inspired motorcycle.

The bike appears to be based on the Ducati Diavel. That makes sense because VW Group owns both Ducati and Lamborghini. Also, the Diavel is just a crazy enough bike that it makes sense as the base for a Lamborghini motorcycle. It’s a unique power cruiser unlike other bikes on the market. 

The styling is undeniably Lamborghini with sharp edges and dramatic angles. It’s mean and the front cowl of the bike looks a bit like the Huracan, which is fitting for this bike. At the rear of the motorcycle, you see some LED taillights that remind you of the Aventador.

According to RideApart, Yasid’s fans have begun calling this bike the Mangusta. That’s an odd name. The supercar manufacturer De Tomaso used this name on one of its models, so it seems a little weird to use it here. That said, the whole idea of a Lamborghini motorcycle is weird, so I guess that’s not too big of a deal.