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A Honda H’Ness CB350 Scrambler Could Be Ready For February 16th

Honda Hness cb350 scrambler teaser

Honda India Has a Big Announcement Coming

At this point, the Honda H’Ness CB350 that originally debuted in India has seen record sales numbers and even found its way across the pond to Japan, where it was rebranded as the GB350 and sold in a similar fashion. Honda India has sent out a teaser image revealing the rear third of a motorcycle with the date of “February 16th, 2021”.

When the H’Ness CB350 first launched, word quickly spread of an upcoming Cafe and Scrambler version after some details were leaked to Indian publications. With the base model of the CB350 already heralding such success, why wouldn’t Honda take the platform and build off of it to reach wider audiences with the same bike? It appears that this is actually exactly what they did.

The teaser image displays the rear section of a motorcycle. The seat is sleek and styled like something you’d find on an off-road or classic cafe motorcycle. It’s a one-piece seat like many dual-sport bikes have. You can also see the inclusion of some multi-surface tires. These tires look slightly better for dirt riding and fit right up the alley with the speculations of this motorcycle being a scrambler version of the CB350.

If this motorcycle is indeed a Scrambler CB350, will Japan also get to see this version added alongside their own re-branded “GB350”? Will North America see any of these bikes? It appears as though we will have to wait and see to get the answers to these questions, but in the meantime, let’s sit and enjoy the show that will be in town on the 16th of this month.