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A Glimpse of New 2021 Honda Forza 750 Scooter

Big Scooter From Our Favorite Big Company

The new Forza 750 large displacement scooter aims to replace Honda’s current Integra 750 for Europian buyers. We have seen some of the features in the previous teasers, but today we finally get a better look as to what the scooter is going to look like.

We’ve had a better look at the updated 2021 Forza 300, and it appears like the 750 is going to be taking quite a few design cues from its little brother and combining them with the current Integra 750.

It’s quite handsome for a scooter and appears as if it takes quite some elements derived from their more traditional motorcycles; most notably the headlight assembly as seen towards the end of the video giving it a sharper, speedy look.

As this video’s primary objective is to showcase the scooters ‘silhouette’ but unfortunately due to the dim lighting, we can’t get a good look at the 3d nature of the bike to bring out a well-rounded look to see if it compliments the odd shape stemming from the 300 variant, but maybe I just spend too much time looking at regular motorcycles every day and lack a trained eye to pick up on scooter nuances.

Some additional takeaways from the video include an inverted front fork setup and auxiliary lighting found on the side of the front fairing. If those lights are signals, props to them for having such a clean integration into the design of the scooter.

We’ll have a better look at the bike on October 14th, 2020, which is when Honda plans to hold its official debut.