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8 Ways to Cooperate with Your Personal Injury Lawyer after a Motorcycle Accident to Help the Case

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(Contributed post for our North American readers)

Even if you take the best safety measures in the world, there is no guarantee that you won’t ever face any accident on the road. As motorcycle riders, we should be careful about taking necessary measures to avoid an accident. But we should also be prepared to hire a personal injury lawyer in case of any unexpected future event.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer once you’re injured in a motorcycle accident is highly recommended. By doing so, you’ll be simply increasing the chances of getting compensation for the physical injuries caused in the accident. In this article, we will briefly discuss 8 key points on how to help your personal injury lawyer for a better outcome of the case.

Discuss Every Detail about the Accident with Your Lawyer

Confidentiality is highly maintained in any conversation with a lawyer. Attorney-client privilege protects this confidentiality, so you shouldn’t have to worry about anyone else finding out the truth. It is the duty of your lawyer to keep the information shared private. You shouldn’t ignore any details about the accident. It can be an embarrassing thing that you did during the accident. It can be something that you didn’t do right. Don’t stop yourself from sharing any of these; the more you share, the better chances you’ll have in the case.

A good lawyer will usually analyze every little detail you provide on the case. He will try to present the negative facts in a favorable way to lessen the impact as much as possible. The worst case scenario for not sharing everything with your lawyer will be when an important fact is revealed from the other side. In such a situation, your lawyer will be caught off guard and might not be able to counter the accusations. Therefore, make sure to share everything with your lawyer.

Don’t Miss Your Doctor’s Appointments

The first priority for you after getting hurt in a motorcycle injury is to get well. Many people delay visiting the doctor after an accident or they plain ignore it. This not only means that you’re delaying the treatment process, but it also sends the message that you don’t really need the compensation for your injuries or that you might not be actually hurt.

Your Lawyer is the Only Person You Should Talk to about Your Case

There are lots of cases where people discuss their personal injury lawsuits with other people. This is a big no no. Don’t talk about your case with anyone including your family and close friends. Your lawyer is the only person who needs to know the details from your side. We raised this point because often insurance companies try to pay less compensation after manipulating the information that you share with others.

Avoid Social Media

Your social media activities can tell a lot about your current mood. If you are claiming compensation for some serious injuries while your Instagram post shows that you’re enjoying a ride with your friends on your cruiser on the highway, your case will be in trouble. In these cases, usually an insurance company will track you, and try to reduce the compensation.

These days insurance companies use private investigators who’ll investigate your case both physically in real life and online. Therefore it’s best to avoid participating in any social media activity before your case has resolved. Take a break from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all other social media platforms. Remember, even a small comment can tell a lot about what you’re up to. So unless it’s very much required, there’s no need to be active on these platforms.

Prepare All the Necessary Documents

Your personal injury lawyer will routinely ask you for various documents: forms, medical documents, and insurance information. Always cooperate with your lawyer by giving him the documents he needs in time. The legal process is a long process. It’s smart not to lengthen it by supplying all the documents in time.

Be Patient

Naturally it will take a lot of time to collect all the necessary information and documents related to the accident. It’ll also take some time for all the medical formalities and paperwork. Your injuries will need to heal too. Keep in mind that settling the case quickly might not be favorable; you might not receive the full compensation that you’re entitled to. So it’s wise to be patient and follow all the procedures.

Ask Your Lawyer Questions

If you need clarification on anything regarding your personal injury case, your lawyer is your best friend. Don’t feel shy to ask him questions. It’s very important for you to understand your case and what outcome you should expect. The more you understand your case, the better you’ll be able to cooperate with your lawyer to produce favorable outcomes.

Listen to Your Lawyer’s Advice

An experienced lawyer has the knowledge and skills to help you with your case. So it’s wise to follow his recommendations. He will give you a clear understanding of the case and all of the related laws. If you properly cooperate with him, he’ll be able to maximize the compensation as much as possible. So it’s essential that you listen to what he asks you to do and not do.


If you follow these eight tips, you’ll increase the chances of your personal injury lawyer using the law to turn the case in your favor. Some people often make the mistake of disclosing case information to others. They also become impatient and rush the process. As a result, they don’t receive the expected compensation at the end of the case.

It’s vital that you be patient in the whole process and provide the necessary documents in time. Share everything with your lawyer, and follow his instructions. Keep in mind that every case is different, and your lawyer knows what’s best for you.

Ride safe everyone!