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4 Simple Tips For Building Your Custom Dirt Bike

Custom Motorcycles - XR600
Photos and video by David Cohen -

(Contributed post)

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you may like a variety of bike types. Some people fancy cruiser bikes. Some people totally love cafe racers. Some go for the naked designs while some people choose to buy or build a rugged hot dirt bike.

And if you fall in the last category, this blog post is for you.

Here we are sharing four simple tips that’ll help you build your custom dirt bike with ease.

1. Identify the Type of Dirt Bike That You Want

So, first things first. Before you start building your very precious dirt bike, you must know the type of dirt bike that you want for yourself.

Yes, there are different types of dirt bikes. For reference, you can look at the following list:

  • Motocross bikes
  • Desert bikes
  • Trail bikes
  • Endurance bikes
  • Street bikes

All these types of dirt bikes have different feels. Slightly different riding postures. Different riding experiences and different aesthetics.

To pick the right one for you, you may have to look upon the web and find out the designs that all these types possess.

2. Designer May Be Required

Unless you know automobile design or at least have some basic knowledge of how dirt bikes are designed, you may have to get in touch with a designer. The purpose is to ensure that your design is practical and feasible for your specific needs and budget.

Rushing into the project without keeping design in mind may result in costly end-moment fiascos, and we are sure that you wouldn’t want that.

So, do yourself a favour. Get in touch with a qualified designer who can turn your ideas and thoughts to a real design.

3. Don’t Shy Away From Help

Everyone has to go through a first attempt. Every professional custom bike maker once started with their first project and might even have failed with that.

So, leave the concept of shying away. You will get to learn a lot more than what you are learning right now.

Just be grateful to whatever help is being offered to you and if it feels fine and needed, simply nod a yes to it.

This way, your journey of building your custom dirt bike will become way easier and convenient.

Understand that there’s no point in troubling yourself. That’ll only waste your money, effort and time.

4. Prefer Genuine Parts Over Aftermarket Makeshift(s)

We know how buying genuine parts all the time can turn out to be a costly affair.

But did you know that aftermarket parts can adversely affect your machine’s health?

And then, in the long run, the aftermarket parts will require more frequent replacements plus, the repairing chores will become more expensive to undo the damage done from these makeshift components.

So, make sure that you don’t fall for such money pits. Instead, spend a few more $ and get genuine parts from certified vendors. These shops generally have all the genuine products ranging from KTM plastics kits to Yamaha accessories.

Final words

If you are planning to build a custom dirt bike, there’s surely a bunch of things and tips that you must know about. In this post, we shared four such tips to help our readers turn their dream dirt bike to reality.

Hopefully, this was helpful.