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2015 Annual Review: The 10 most popular posts

While this year has flown by and christmas break is no different, I like to look back and see what has been accomplished in a year. There are several reasons that this is important, and I won’t get into all of them right here right now. But one major reason to look back is to see if I hit the goals that I had set out to achieve the year before. This is not one of those “blogs about how my life is going” so I don’t public share these – but I would like to share 3 BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)

  1. Brand Created and Private Label Journey has begun = Get Lost Helmets
  2. Importing Success = Currently selling on Amazon FBA
  3. Toy Hauler Purchase. 🙂

In 2015 I made the choice to venture into selling my own products on Amazon. This site primarily promotes other brands, and I decided that it was time to play in that arena. So I found a manufacturer here in the US and started to develop a strong brand, marketing strategy, and business operations to be prepared heading into the 2016 riding season. While executing some of these steps, I also found several manufacturers overseas for accessories that can be sold inside of this brand. Testing out the waters of importing for the first time, I ordered 600 units and shipped them into FBA centers around the US. To my surprise, I’ve already sold through half of the initial trial order (in the winter) and need to be reordering soon.

We also made the decision to purchase a toy hauler (bumper pull camper with full backdoor you can drive your bike up and in). Camping at motorcycle events is a really fun time for lots of reasons, and being able to haul the bike inside of the camper is a huge win. We also use it family camping every other weekend there is not a biker event to go too.

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