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2012 Caberg Helmets – EICMA 2011 Live Report

Caberg Helmets for 2012

November 19, 2011 – Here are some more new Caberg helmets for 2012 (See the Caberg Duke flip-up helmet preview here).

We have focused on the Caberg flip-up and “jet” styled helmets in our webBikeWorld reviews such as the fantastic Caberg Ego (review) and HyperX (review).

The company is noted for its unique designs, but Caberg also has several full-face helmets in their lineup.

The Caberg V2X Carbon is the company’s top-of-the-line “flagship” helmet. Is is very light weight and has a beautiful carbon fiber shell.

The V2X (seen below) comes in two shell sizes, with XS to M in one shell size and L to XXL in the larger shell.

Several color patterns are available but the “raw” carbon fiber version with clear coat looks great, as does the V2X Carbon “Edge” with white panels.

The V2X has an internal sun visor; rarely found on a carbon fiber helmet.

The “V” series is also available in a less expensive version, the V2R-R which does not have a carbon fiber shell. It has a separate shell design with a different ventilation system. The V2R-R is available in a range of colors and graphics, including the new “Chrono” graphics shown below.

The entry-level full-face Caberg helmet is the V2 407, also a good-looking helmet available in a range of colors and graphics.

Caberg also had the “Riviera V2+” line on display, with another new Caberg logo in a unique design. The Riviera has an internal rotating sun shade and the “Hi-Vizion”, the “Italia” and the “Diva” (flower) colors are shown below. The helmet can be worn with the clear face shield or the internal sun visor for eye protection and it’s available in sizes ranging from XXS to XL spanning two shell sizes.

Finally, Caberg probably makes more helmets designed for children than many other brands. The “Rhyno Junior” is the first flip-up helmet for children, available in sizes XXXS (49-50) to S (55-56). The “V-Kid Junior” looks nearly identical to its Big Brother/Sister, the V2R.

The Junior version is available in to different “Leo” graphics and solid black as the V-Kid Solo, which comes in black but has a set of cool colored stickers the child can place on the helmet. Caberg said that men and women riders with smaller sized heads have also appreciated the V-Kid Junior, which is available in sizes from XXXS to S.

The Caberg Ego comes in a few new color patterns also, as seen below. We hope to have a V2X Carbon, a V-Kid Junior and a Rhyno Junior for a review coming soon.

Caberg Ego Kuma Colors
New “Kuma” graphics for the Caberg Ego in red/black and white/blue.
Caberg Ego Kuma White
Close-up of the Caberg Ego in the white/blue “Kuma” graphics.
Caberg Ego Kuma Black and Red
Another view of the Caberg Ego (review) with its metal “sunroof” upper air vent.
Caberg Riviera Helmets
The Caberg Riviera V2+ with some new logos and colors.
Caberg Riviera Italia
Riviera “Italia” on the left and “Pure” on the right. The Riviera has an internal sun visor.
Caberg Riviera V2
Lazer Solano with retroreflective Superskin.
Caberg V2X Carbon
Caberg V2X Carbon and Carbon “Edge” graphics on the right.
Caberg V2R-R
Caberg V2R-R in the “Chrono” graphics.
Caberg V2R-R Blue and Red
White/blue “Chrono” graphic of the Caberg V2R-R.
Caberg V2R-R Red and White
Rear view of the Caberg V2R-R.
Caberg V2R-R and V-Kid
The Caberg V-Kid Solo on the left and the V2R-R on the right. Father and son?
Caberg Rhyno Jr and V-Kid Jr
Caberg Rhyno Junior children’s flip-up on the left; V-Kid Solo in the center and V-Kid Leo graphics on the right.

More: 2012 Caberg Duke Flip-up Helmet Preview

Publication Date:  November 19, 2011

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