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2006 Motorcycle Accessories

Internet Exclusive:  webBikeWorld Reporting Live From the 2006 Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana – February 18-20, 2006.

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For the third consecutive year, webBikeWorld is reporting live from the 2006 Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana.

You’ll be the very first to see exclusive reports on the latest in motorcycle clothing, helmets, accessories and gear as they are released to the U.S. motorcycle dealer network for the brand new motorcycle season!

The huge Indiana Convention Center and RCA Dome are now filled to the rafters with goodies, and we’re taking photos, meeting all of our friends and seeing what’s new for 2006.

The Dealernews International Powersports Dealer Expo is the largest, most comprehensive trade show of its kind in the world for dealers, distributors and manufacturers of aftermarket powersports products. The strength, growth and success of the show have earned it the distinction of being a “Must Attend” event for dealers across the country and around the world.

25,000 people are expected at this year’s Expo (Note: the finally tally was 21,109).  There were 21,148 attendees in 2005.  There are 1,018 exhibitors this year, which is amazing when you think about it.  I hope I can see every one of them!

By the way, hats off to all the winners of the Dealernews Top 100 award this year.  Special congratulations to the folks at Blue Moon Cycles in Norcross, Georgia, who won the Best Vintage Dealer award and who are well known to webBikeWorld BMW riders!

We’re going to post the information a bit differently this year.  We’ll create an entire page with larger sized photos for some of the more interesting products and for the products that we hope to review at some future date.  The other items will be described with smaller photos, starting on this page and on additional pages as necessary, accessible via the links in the right-hand column of this page.

Let’s get started:

This looks like a sure winner and deserves its own page: Here’s more information on the very cool looking and brand new Shark RSI helmet!  Very different design, very light weight and has a combined gloss/matte finish!  UPDATE:Review now posted!



All text and photos © webWorld International, LLC 2001-2007.  All rights reserved.

The makers of the Respro “Foggy” breath guard have a couple of interesting new products.  On the left is the “Hump”, a backpack cover that’s available in two versions.  This version has some type of glowing blue lights that run within the silver colored vertical bars.  They switched it on for me in the dark and it looks very cool.

The lights can be set to stay on all the time or flash on and off.  This would be the perfect visibility tool for early morning and late evening commuters.  The product is so new that they’re not sure of the name yet and when it will be available, but they promised to send one to us for a review.  It’s also available without the blinking lights.

The product on the left has been available in the UK and is now coming to the U.S.A.  It’s a breath mask with a replaceable charcoal filter.  It’s available as the “Bandit”, the “Sportsta”, the “Scooter City” and the “Techno”.  Each has various levels of filtering, for dust, fumes, pollen, diesel exhaust, etc.  This should be just the ticket for commuters and especially for lane splitters!

The Vega Summit has been the most recommended modular helmet of webBikeWorld visitors.  Now the Vega Summit II is ready to go, and it’s now manufactured in Vega’s very own plant in China.  The entire helmet, liner and even the sewing is done completely under Vega’s control.  It feels light for a modular helmet and the Vega representative claims it’s something like 150 grams less than the original Summit.

It has a sharper, sleeker design than the original Summit and will come with a removable and washable liner.  The flip-up mechanism is also brand new.  We’ll try to get one as soon as possible for a review.

I’m not much of an off-roader, so I don’t know if this product is unique, new for 2006 or what.  But I thought it was pretty cool: the Harris “MX Airbag”.  It attached to the top handlebar clamp and I’m guessing that it helps protect the rider’s chin from kissing the metal?  Neat…

Troy Lee Designs, famous for their helmet graphics, have a display with clothing, helmets and other goodies.  These pants come in various camo patterns and are designed for off-road riding.  They also have a line of off-road helmets with the Troy Lee graphics in various colors for men and women.

Many webBikeWorld visitors have requested a review of one of the Fieldsheer products, and here are two that look like good candidates.  The outfit on the left is a textile mesh that is actually a 2007 product that should be released this summer.  I didn’t catch the name.  The “Johnny Cool” jacket on the right appeared to be of very good quality and it has a very nice removable zip-out liner that has the Fieldsheer logo on the front so that it can be worn on the street.  The liner is available as a reasonably priced option for a couple of other Fieldsheer mesh jackets new for 2006.  We’ll try to get one for a review.

Looking for an engine?  Motorcycle manufacturers don’t normally display their products at the Dealer Expo; the show is about motorcycle accessories.  But some of the smaller manufacturers do show up, and although Piaggio can’t be considered small, they’re not as well known in the U.S.A., and they had a display of Aprilia, Moto Guzzi (the new Griso looks fantastic in person!) and Vespa.

Here are two very interesting Piaggio-designed engines, just waiting for buyers!  On the left, a very small 850cc V-Twin!  It’s water cooled and fuel injected.  On the right, a 500cc single cylinder, with transmission as part of the casting, and available in two- or four-wheel drive!  Both meet the very tough Euro-3 emissions standards.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to build a bike around the 850cc version?

More here:

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