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Several types of scooters use a hard-to-find rear tire in size 140/70-16.  The Aprilia Scarabeo 500, the Piaggio BV200 and the Kymco 250 use larger rear tire sizes than traditional scooters, and there may be others.

Apparently, these tire sizes are hard to find, but should become less so as these scooters become more popular.  This page will provide updated information on the 140/70-16 rear scooter tire and the 110/70-16 front scooter tire as it becomes available.  Please send any information on scooters that use these tire sizes or on sources for these tires to Email editor and we'll post it to this page.

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Sources for 140/70-16 65S and 140/70-16 66S Rear Scooter Tire:  Sava North America now has this tire size and others in stock in North America; Sava is an OEM tire supplier to Piaggo, Vespa, Derbi, Aprilia, Malaguti and others  |  The Kenda K671 Cruiser 140/70-16 rear tire and a matching front tire in size 110/70-16.  They are available through any Powersports Network dealers in the U.S.A.  Here is the Kenda K671 scooter tire page on the Powersports Network website  |  Pirelli ST66 size 140/70-16;  Pirelli makes a variety of sizes for front and rear  |  Reifenwerk Heidenau in Germany makes two models of scooter tires in this size (see below)  |  Here's a currency converter from

wBW Visitor "K.F." first informed us of the scooter tire problem (Thanks K.F.!)  He writes:

Subject: Aprilia Scarabeo 500 replacement rear tires not available in the USA:  "Rick, Here's an FYI of a posting I made to the Scarabeo group: Folks, As per the title, I have 7500 mi on my Scarabeo 500 and am ready for a new rear tire (the S500 comes with a 140/70 66S Maxxi rear tire.  According to the user's manual the S500 takes a 140/70-16 65S or 66S.  I searched the web.  There is a Pirelli model available -- unfortunately no one in the US stocks it. 

I sent several emails overseas.  One German firm (Heidenau) answered very promptly -- it's a smaller tire maker in Hanover, Germany.  Price of 140/70-16 65S tire is: 82,00 Euros.  Transport to the USA Euro 60,00 Add about 25% to Euros to get dollars.

They have two models, a K66 all season and a K72 sport, and ARE LOOKING FOR A U.S. DISTRIBUTOR.  The export manager (who responded quickly) is Rolf Haertner at:  Since there's nothing on the market that even comes close to replacing an Aprilia Scarabeo 500 -- hopefully someone can take up Mr. Haertner on his offer and stock a few tires for us all."

Kenda Scooter Tires:  "J.R." writes:  "Thank you for posting the lead regarding the Kenda rear tire.  It worked out perfectly for me.  My Aprilia dealer wasn't able to come through other than to say that the stock tire is back-ordered from Italy (possibly indefinitely).  I went to a dealer closer to me that handles Piaggio with the 110/70-16s designed for the Piaggio BV200; the Pirelli tread design looked fine to me but I was concerned about the weight and speed ratings because the Scarabeo is much heavier and the P-speed rating (94 mph) is lower than the stock Maxxis S-rating (112 mph) -- I just wasn't comfortable (the Scarabeo is capable of very close to 100 mph with the wind at your back -- not that I'm likely to go there, but I didn't want less tire than spec).

The dealer guys agreed with that, even though the Vespa mark-up is clearly higher, and they found the Kenda -- which happens to be H-rated (130 mph).  Well, I was never terribly impressed with the Maxxis, but I really didn't have a choice in any event since I was riding on a plugged tire that had picked up a screw after 1,800 miles (about one-third worn). 

Right from the start -- even with the mismatch (Maxxis front / Kenda rear) -- I can tell you there's no question that I have improved the ride and handling significantly. I have put about 500 miles on the new tire, and it performs extremely well with more confidence in the twisties and windy conditions, and is much better in wet weather (even with considerable hazardous leaf debris on the road).  Most notably, it feels like the suspension has been improved with a softer feel over bumps.  Bottom line, other Scarabeo owners should consider the replacement when it's convenient; I certainly wouldn't wait for a last 10% of tread life situation.

It is disappointing that Kenda does not really have a matching front tire -- the 110/70-16 is not a correct fit; a match to 110/80-16 is highly recommended (the bike already is less-than-responsive in slow turns due to weight and wheel size, and a wider front tire profile would only make matters worse)."

More on Aprilia Scarabeo scooter tires from wBW visitor "R.D.":  "Found this source for Michelin Gold scooter tires for Scarabeo 500 140/70-16 and 110/80-16 tires at EasyParts (they ship only in Europe though)

110/80-14 Scooter Tire Size:  How about a 110/80-14?  This tire is used on the Italjet Torpedo 125 and possibly other scooters.  Heidenau comes to the rescue again with this and many other rare sizes  |  wBW visitor "K" told us that this tire does fit the Italjet Torpedo, whose tire size is 110/80-14.  This tire is available at The Scooter Shop in Orange, California.  They carry the 110/80-14 size from two manufacturers, Pirelli and Sava  |  Sava scooter tires are now distributed in the U.S.A. through Scooterworks (Chicago); Ozbike (Miami); A & R Trading Company (South Carolina - email only at this address: ); and Sava West (California)  |  Alternatives to the 110/80-14 are the 120/80-14 or 120/70-14.  The 120/80-14 is the tire on the Honda Siverwing 600, so it may be more widely available and the 120/70-14 is used on the Piaggio X9

More on 110/80-14 Scooter Tires:  From wBW visitor "F.G.":  "I just bought a Dunlop D-305 (in size) 120/80-14 and it fit fine, if anyone is having a time finding the 110/80-14 don't pull your hair out looking.  On a 1.5'' wide rim the total tire width came out to 4.20'' wide and total of 21'' tall, the widest part of the tire is at 19.5'' tall the tire flat comes in at 4.75'' wide.  You can find it at Bike Bandit.  If I had the do it over again I would have gone with the Michelin Pilot SC 120/70-14 because the tread profile would have been a little flatter.  Prices are under 65.00 delivered.

Scooter Tire Retailers:  AmericanMotoTire has a nice selection of Bridgestone, Cheng Shin, Continental, Dunlop, Duro, IRC, Kenda, Michelin and Pirelli scooter tires  |  Michelin, Cheng Shin and Bridgestone scooter tires at Tiresnstuff  | has scooter tires  |  Tires Unlimited has Pirelli, Bridgestone and Michelin scooter tires in a variety of sizes 

Scooter Tire Manufacturers:  Bridgestone - look for scooter tires on their site under motorcycle tires  |  Kenda  |  Michelin  |  Pirelli -  Pirelli's scooter tire section has listings of standard and high-performance scooter tires

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From "B.L." (05/11):  "Heidenau now has a US distributor, in California. They are located in Santa Clara, California and sell both in store and mail order. They can also mount in-store.

The K72 model comes in the 140/70-16 65S size. I myself have a Piaggio X-9 500 evolution. That takes a 120/70-14 front and a 150/70-14 tire on the rear, the latter of which is getting harder to find.

I could only find Pirelli Diablo, Heidenau K66, and Michelin City Grip as reasonable choices for the rear. The Michelin Gold Standard line is discontinued. The Michelin Pilot Sport SC is supposed to come in that size, but two dealers I called didn't have a listing for it.

The Heidenau K66 is a good rain tire, but some claim is not that suitable for the long warm/hot dry months we get here in California. The K61 would be better, but it's not available in the 150/70-14 size. Hope this helps others."


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