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Suomy Extreme Slide Show

Suomy Extreme Chin Vent

AThe chin vent on the Suomy is rather pedestrian.  It works via a simple latch that opens and closes the vent.  Quite frankly, we've seen better quality vents on helmets costing 70% less than the Extreme. 

That said, the vent does work, and like the AGV Ti-Tech, the chin vent directs air through the back of the chin guard and directly on to the rider's face.  There is no air filter behind the vent, so dust and dirt can blow on to the rider's mouth.  There are also two small vent holes inside the chin guard, located above the chin vent and below the breath guard.

The rest of the air is directed on to the back of the visor through a series of holes in front of the breath guard.  Notice the poor fit of the breath guard at the outer edges on our helmet.

Suomy Extreme Chin Vent