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REV'IT! R-Tech jacket, X-Vent pants and Ultra glove review.

REV'IT! X-Vent Pants

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REV'IT! offers a variety of textile and leather jackets, pants and gloves that are made from quality materials and have a unique identity in their styling and features.  

These REV'IT! X-Vent pants work well with the REV'IT! R-Tech jacket, but they would also be a good choice for anyone searching for a high-quality pair of cool weather riding pants.

REV'IT! is new to the U.S.A. market, but they have been marketing motorcycle clothing in Europe for several years.  It's obvious that REV'IT! apparel has been designed by someone who knows what's important for motorcyclists, not just by some nameless committee looking to pump out product with minimum effort.

The X-Vent pants are made from DuPont Cordura 500, and they have a tailored fit that helps prevent excess material from flapping in the wind and also helps to reduce wind noise.  REV'IT! sizing seems to run about one to two sizes smaller than typical U.S.A. men's clothing sizes, so plan accordingly. 

I normally take a men's size large (roughly 36/37 inch waist), but the size large X-Vent pants were too narrow at the waist; I estimate that they are equivalent to a U.S. size 34/35.  The size XL X-Vents are a bit snug at the waist, but after they're zippered up they feel fine.  REV'IT! cuts their material patterns and sews all of their clothing with active motorcycle riding in mind, and all of the apparel I've tried feels very comfortable.

The X-Vent pants also include an MML-Hydratex non-removable liner, which is claimed to be waterproof and windproof yet breathes to allow the body's moisture to escape.  The X-Vent pants also include a removable quilted liner, which is attached via zippers at both the waist and at the leg cuff. 

This is unusual, as most other manufacturers use cheaper snaps, at least at the cuffs, to attach their liners.  But the cheaper snaps can result in a bunched up liner when entering the pants (or jacket) and can also turn the liner inside out when the pants are removed.  Zippers help ensure that the liner becomes an integral part of the pants, which can result in more comfort for longer periods.

All of the REV'IT! pants include both a long and short zipper for attachment to most of the REV'IT! jackets (the R-Tech jacket does not have a zipper attachment).  The X-Vent pants have a section of elastic in the waistband, and a wide nylon adjustment belt at the waist.  The belt are easily adjusted by pulling on the ends, and the loose ends attach to the belt via "hook and loop" fastener material that runs the full length of the belt.  The plastic loops that the belt runs through are hidden behind a couple of fabric panels, which is a nice detail and makes for a smoother pant front. 

The fly is backed by a full-width MML-Hydratex liner to help prevent water ingress.  The fly itself is sealed via a flap with a full length of "hook and loop" fastener material.  There are two rubber-coated snap buttons at the waist to close the pants. 

The quilted liner has an unzippered internal pocket on the front left hip that's 150mm (5-7/8") wide by 100mm (4") deep.  There are two zippered slash pockets on the outside of the pants; the zippers appear to be hot-sealed and although the pocket flaps do not fasten closed via "hook and loop", the pockets are outside of the waterproof liner, so there shouldn't be any problems with moisture getting through.  Each outside pocket is 150mm (5-7/8") wide by 120mm (4-3/4") deep.

The X-Vent pants are so named because each leg has a 130mm (5-1/8") zippered vent opening near the top of each thigh.  These vents let in a bit of air, the volume of which depends upon the type of motorcycle you're riding. 

If you're sitting behind a fairing, the venting is minimal, but wearing the pants on some types of un-faired sportbikes will allow a bit more air to circulate.   The effect is hard to notice, probably because the vents are outside of the waterproof liner.

There is some soft foam padding on each hip, and the back of the pants also have a short section of soft foam filled accordion-like padding.  The knees have Knox CE-approved armor.

The leg cuffs have a nice, long (330mm or 13") zippered opening that allows easy leg entry and makes the legs slide over any style boot.  The openings are backed by the waterproof liner, and there's a flap with some "hook and loop" fastener to secure the closed cuff.

I found the X-Vent pants to be very comfortable and windproof.  The variable local weather means that I haven't been able to give them a good workout in a wide variety of weather, but as the winter sets in I'll report back on their performance in different riding conditions. 

I feel confident that these pants, especially in combination with the REV'IT! R-Tech jacket, will make an excellent winter combination for the most extreme riding conditions.  Note: Be sure to read our review of the REV'IT! R-Tech jacket and the REV'IT! Ultra gloves.

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Product Review:  REV'IT! X-Vent Pants

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Available From:  REV'IT! Suggested Retail Price:  R-Tech Jacket - $439.99; X-Vent Pants - $269.99; Ultra Gloves - $119.99.
Colors:  Jacket - Black/Red Trim, Black/Blue Trim, Black/Anthracite Trim | Pants - Black Made in:  Europe and Korea 
XS to XXXL plus long or short leg lengths.
Product Comments:  High quality, stylish and warm clothing that was obviously designed by someone who knows about high-speed riding in cold, damp weather.  Pants have removable quilted thermal lining, attached with zippers.  Pant lining is waterproof.  Vents on thighs.  Knox CE-approved armor in knees, soft foam padding on thighs.  Pants have full length and short zippers to attach to some REV'IT! jackets.
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