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DOT Approved URBAN Helmets in the U.S.A.

DOT Approved URBAN Helmets

by webBikeWorld Staff

UPDATE (December 2010): Apparently Urban Helmets is no longer in business.

We were the first to review the URBAN N20 Astro full-face and the URBAN N350 Moto motorcycle helmets when they became available in the UK.  The helmets became popular with American motorcycle riders and they are now DOT approved and available in the U.S.A.

SMF Cycles, the URBAN Helmets importer and distributor (and online retailer), sent us the new DOT approved N20 and N350 helmets so we could display some photos for you.  These helmets are identical in every way to the ECE-approved versions sold in Europe that we reviewed previously (see the links to the reviews below) so in effect, the helmets meet both standards.

Nothing else has changed; they're still the high-quality helmets we liked when we first reviewed them, and they're reasonably priced. 

So here are some wBW Lightbox photos; click on an image to enlarge it and also see the video tour of the URBAN N20 Astro and N350 Moto DOT-approved helmets below.  Enjoy!

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 URBAN N20 Astro - wBW Lightbox - Click photo to view.
URBAN N20 Astro - Front Quarter View URBAN N20 Astro - Front View URBAN N20 Astro - Rear View
URBAN N20 Astro - Side View URBAN N20 Astro - Rear View, Labeling URBAN N20 Astro - Chin Vent
URBAN N20 Astro - Visor Removal Mechanism URBAN N20 Astro - Top Vent URBAN N20 Astro - Eye Port

 URBAN N350 Moto - wBW Lightbox - Click photo to view.
URBAN N350 Moto - Front View URBAN N350 Moto - Side View URBAN N350 Moto - Rear View
URBAN N350 Moto - Visor Up URBAN N350 Moto - Visor Lifting Mechanism URBAN N350 Moto - Stitching

The N20 Astro shown in the table above retails for only $199.95 in Matte Black and $229.95 for graphics.  The N350 Moto shown in the lower table retails for $179.95.  The helmets available in the U.S.A. are now DOT approved!  Contact SMF Cycles for more information. 

Also see the wBW review of the Craft R2 and RX6 helmets sold by SMF Cycles.

wBW Video Tour of the URBAN N20 Astro Motorcycle Helmet

wBW Video Tour of the URBAN N350 Moto Motorcycle Helmet

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