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CMS D-Jet Helmet

CMS D-Jet Motorcycle Helmet

wBW First Look: CMS D-Jet Motorcycle Helmet
by Rick for

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UPDATE:  February 2009 - CMS has now released a woman's version of the D-Jet with some nice graphics and new "Mutant" graphics for the XR-7 motocross helmet (see below)!

It's been a while since we reviewed the CMS GP-4 full-face helmet, one of the lightest full-face helmets we've ever worn.  CMS is a fairly well known name in Europe -- the helmets are manufactured in Portugal -- but they're not well known in the North American market, and that's a shame.

The company seems to turn out some very nice product -- take a look at these photos of the CMS D-Jet "jet" styled helmet, and I hope you can see the level of quality, fit and finish.  The helmet is flawless, and it looks great.

Unfortunately, they sent us two mediums; a size medium D-Jet shown here and also a size medium in one of the new CMS XR-7 motocross helmets (First Look).  We have several evaluators who will fit an XS or a size large or a size XL, but no medium sized heads, so we haven't been able to run a full webBikeWorld evaluation on these helmets, but everything else about them seems first rate.

The North American importer and distributor, Moto Authentics, has announced that the D-Jet and the XR-7 will both be available some time this Spring, and we hope to get one for a full review.

The size medium D-Jet shown here weighs 1134 grams (2 lbs., 8 oz.).  It has a nice tan-colored liner that feels like a soft flannel, and the black material on the bottom of the neck roll feels like soft suede.

The finish and the graphics are beautifully applied with no flaws that we can see.  The surface finish has a rubberized feel.

The vents also have a rubberized surface, and the top vents and brow vent feel solid.  The "jet" style visor has 5 click detents and it feels solid. 

The chin strap on this helmet uses the newer style European "quick release" mechanism with a ratchet; adjust it so that it's close to your neck size, and then the ratcheting teeth built into the flexible plastic tongue on the end of the chin strap will ratchet into the mating half.  Apparently, the North American importer will fit either this system or a D-ring, customer's choice.

Pull down once on the nylon tab to release the ratchet.  There's no need for an extra button or loop to hold the excess chin strap because there isn't any with this method.

That's about all we know; here are some of the details on the new D-Jet:

  • Safety:  Meets ECE 22.05 and DOT standards

  • Sizes:  XS to XXL

  • Liner:  Anti-allergenic sanitized and anti-microbial DuPont Cool-Max liner

  • Vents:  Two top vents, single front vent.  Rear air extractor

  • Chin Strap:  Choice - Double D-ring or Quick Release System

  • Visor:  2.2 mm anti-reflective with "Hi-Definition Optical System"

  • Padding:  Multi-element shock absorber system.  Double-density expanded polystyrene inner shell made in-house at the CMS factory

  • Suggested Retail Price:  Approx. $150 USD

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CMS D-Jet Helmet

CMS D-Jet Helmet - Front

CMS D-Jet Helmet - Vents

CMS D-Jet Helmet - Top Vents

CMS D-Jet Helmet - Rear

CMS D-Jet Helmet - Top

Women's version of the CMS D-Jet helmet:

CMS D-Jet in "Rose" Blue and White CMS D-Jet in "Rose" Pink and White

CMS D-Jet in "Rose" Blue and White

CMS D-Jet in "Rose" Pink and White

CMS D-Jet in "Rose" Red and White CMS also released new "Mutant" graphics for their XR-7 men's motocross helmet.

CMS D-Jet in "Rose" Red and White

CMS also released new "Mutant" graphics in red and blue for their XR-7 men's motocross helmet.

wBW First Look:  CMS D-Jet Helmet

Available From:  Moto Authentics (CMS Helmets website) Suggested Retail Price:  $150.00
Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Graphics  Sizes:  Sizes XS - XXL Made In: Portugal
Ratings Scale:  For reference, our ratings scale is subjective and ranges from unacceptable to poor, good, very good, excellent and outstanding. 
Notes:  Helmet provided by Moto Authentics for this article.  Publish Date:  June 2008  See Also:  wBW First Look:  CMS XR-7 Motocross Helmet

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