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Motorcycle Bar End Mirrors:  See the following wBW review articles:  NEW!  Zeta handguards and XC wind deflector kit review and installation tips  |  Installing Manic Salamander bar end weights and Ducati hand guards  |  Installing CRG Hindsight LS Lane Split Mirrors  |  Installing Oberon bar end mirrors and soft foam hand grips  |  Installing Napoleon Bar End Mirrors  |  See the wBW Triumph/British Motorcycles page for more information on installing bar end mirrors

Motorcycle Mirrors:  wBW review of Oberon Bar End Mirrors; available in the bar end weight or bolt-on (clamp) style  |  British Classics carries Halcyon round or rectangular bar end mirrors; also Davida helmets and other classic accessories for modern British bikes  |  Alpha Mirror now has "digital mirrors" for motorcycles; they're battery operated and have auto-dimming and other functions and come in a variety of mirror colors  |  Bugeyes are rear-view mirrors that attach to a motorcycle helmet!  |  Constructors Racing Group makes beautiful bar-end mirrors; they also make brake and clutch levers  |  Old Britts has Napoleon (Napolean) and Emgo bar end mirrors in chrome or black; good people to do business with!  How to Install Bar End Mirrors; article on installing a set of CRG mirrors on a Moto Guzzi  Installing bar end mirrors on a motorcycle  |  Emgo universal bar end mirrors at Parker Yamaha  |  Halcyon bar end mirrors at Dave Quinn  |  Ken Sean bar end mirrors at Parker Yamaha  |  Different types of mirrors and bar end mirrors for motorcycles and scooters at Heeters  |  Third Eye bar end mirrors; only $10!  |  Saeng "Quick-Scans" are now available as bar end mirrors  |  Sky King bar end mirrors in black anodized or chrome  |  Bella Corse has bar end mirrors for the Triumph Bonneville and others  |  Bevel Heaven has a nice variety of bar end mirrors in black, chrome, silver and gray  | 

Stock Replacement Round and Rectangular Motorcycle Mirrors:  RideGear has a nice selection of replacement motorcycle mirrors that will fit on fairings and some will replace stock "lollipop" mirrors  |  Moto Leather also has a fairly large selection of stock replacement motorcycle mirrors; scroll down past the custom mirrors on their page to see the standard mirrors

Handlebars:  Euro Choice Imports makes a very interesting carbon fiber handlebars for motocross and supermoto in a variety of shapes and bends; they're claimed to be 50% lighter than aluminum bars, stronger and they reduce vibrations

Bar End Weights:  Installing Manic Salamander bar end weights and Ducati hand guards

Motorcycle Heated Grips:  wBW Reviews Oxford HotGrips  |  Installing Hot Grips Heated Grips Hot Hands Heated Grip Wraps   |  Installing foam grips on a Ducati GT1000 and Ducati Multistrada  |   CLS Heat heated grips have an automatic sensor that detects ambient temperature to control the heat  |  Custom Heat makes heated grips that can be used on many different types of motorcycles  |  Hot Grips makes heated grips for many different types of motorcycles; also available with a "Heat Troller" variable heat control

Handlebar Grips: The Grip Ace has built-in buttons for turn signals and headlights  |  Ariete and Harri's (made by Sandro Mentasti SRL in Italy) make custom grips, racing grips, tank protectors and other rubber and plastic products for many makes and models  |  Check out the "Grippy" brake and clutch lever coverings; also available at Cape Fear Motorcycles  |  Hunter Design flat handlebars are claimed to reduce vibrations and relieve pressure on the hands; they include built-in vibration dampers  |  Kimpex heated grip inserts are cheap and they can be installed under any motorcycle grip

Convertible Handlebars:  Convertibars are adjustable for different positions

Thunderbird Sport Mirrors:  wBW Tech Article - Installing Napoleon Bar End Mirrors on a Thunderbird Sport  |  Looking for mirrors but don't want bar ends?  Rumor has it (thanks to the TBS List!) that Ducati Monster mirrors will fit a Thunderbird Sport -- Try SpareShack for a good selection of billet mirrors; look under "billet parts"  |  Rizoma has some cool-looking mirrors also  |  If you try any of these, take some photos and send 'em over and I'll post the story!

Clip-on Handlebars:  Pro-tek has clip-ons and many other race parts  |  Available from Two Brothers  |  High Side Racing has Vortex, Woodcraft, and Pro-tek clip-ons  |  Pro-flo clip-ons are available in different anodized colors  |  The Brembo Brakes online store has clip-ons  |  Spec II carries Telefix fork braces and clip-ons  |  Graves Motorsports has clip-ons and other racing parts  |  Woodcraft has clip-ons, race stands, exhausts and other racing parts  |  Scary Fast Racing complete handlebar systems  |  Frame sliders, clipons, rear sets, gas caps, triple clamps, sprockets and more at Vortex Racing 

Handlebar Risers - Clip-On Risers:  SUNRisers are -- or were -- ingenious and relatively inexpensive clipon handlebar risers; but the company seems to be out of business  |  Clip-on risers by Woodcraft and others  |  Help make some sport bikes a bit easier to live with - try GenMar or Heli Bars  |  Eastern Cycle Ducati has billet machined aluminum Supersport bar risers at a reasonable price; check out the photo to see the difference they make  |  Variobar has adjustable clip-on risers and some incredible-looking precision machined clip-ons and other handlebar parts  |   Spec II Profi clipons and spacers (clipon risers); their clipons are claimed to be "totally adjustable"

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