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Albrecht BPA 100 Bluetooth Adapter

Albrecht BPA 100 Blueooth Adapter

Albrecht BPA 100 Bluetooth Adapter Review

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Bluetooth adapter connects to non-Bluetooth devices and allows wireless connectivity with a Bluetooth motorcycle intercom.


The Albrecht BPA 100 Bluetooth adapter was purchased as an accessory for the Midland BT2 intercom set previously reviewed.

Albrecht and Midland are companies owned by CE International (see summary table below).

A Bluetooth adapter is a device (aka "dongle") that can be connected to various electronics to output their sound via Bluetooth to separate (Bluetooth) receivers, like the BT2 or other compatible Bluetooth communications or headset systems.

Configuring the Albrecht BPA 100 Bluetooth Adapter With the Midland BT2 Intercom

Configuring the Albrecht BPA 100 Bluetooth device is no more difficult than any other Bluetooth adapter and similar to the procedure used for Bluetooth motorcycle intercom systems.

With both components turned off, put the BT2 module in Setup Mode (solid Red LED), then press and hold the large pressure button (function key) on the BPA for six to eight seconds. Two small Red and Green LEDS will start flashing an alternating pattern indicating its Pairing Mode.

Next press the back (Aux) button on the BT2 module for a few seconds, putting its Red and Blue LEDs into the flashing pattern. After a couple of seconds, both components will beep and the pairing lights will go out a pairing has been completed.

To finish, take the BT2 out of its Setup mode by pushing the middle (Intercom) button.

To use whatever is connected to the BPA 100 via its 2.5mm jack, simply push the Aux button on the BT2 for 1 to 2 seconds to activate that Bluetooth pairing. To deactivate this connection, push the AUX button briefly.

Albrecht BPA 100 Specifications
Technical Specifications (From Midland):

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Albrecht BPA 100 Bluetooth Adapter - Front

Albrecht BPA 100 Bluetooth Adapter - Rear

wBW Review: Albrecht BPA 100 Bluetooth Adapter
Manufacturer: Alan UK
List Price (2008): £49.99
Colours: Black
Made In: Unknown
Sizes: N/A
Review Date: November 2008
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