Helmet Sun Blocker

Helmet Sun Blocker

DIY Helmet Sun Blocker

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by Dr. Mark K. for webBikeWorld.com

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Need a quick and easy alternative for a sun shield for your motorcycle helmet?

Use exposed X-Ray film!

You can usually get a piece for free from a local medical clinic or a lab that has an X-Ray machine.

This sun shield remains in position whether your face shield is in a open or closed position, unlike a tinting film that might be applied to the face shield.

Tinting film becomes non-functional if your face shield is in a raised position, while the sun blocker shown here remains in position.

Tools Needed

Cut according to the dimensions shown below. You can make it narrower in either dimension if necessary.

After it's cut, slip it in between the helmet liner and the helmet shell. This may not work on all helmets, as some helmets have a plastic cap or cover over the top of the eye port.

Ride and enjoy!

Sun Blocker Dimensions
Sun blocker dimensions.
Sun Blocker Installed
Sun shade installed in helmet.
Sun Blocker Comparison
Comparison of helmet sun blocker results.
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From "R.M." (05/11):  "As they used to say in those beer commercials: Brilliant! Brilliant!

The only suggestion I might make is to change the angle of the sides so they are straighter, rather than angled toward the front, providing more coverage from the sides, as on the revised Sunax Max shield (review) you tested not long ago.

Time to cut up one of my old X-Rays, AFTER making a pattern to fit around the vent openings on my Arai. Many thanks."

From "D.C." (05/11):  "Thanks for posting this neat solution. I'll be making some for all my helmets."

From "T.G." (05/11):  "FANTASTIC! I have been doing the DIY stick on sunshade by cutting a piece of static cling window tint, but that requires riding with the visor down all the time. Some days I enjoy a face full of wind...and days when it's 90+ out you are dying if you don't have it open an inch.

I'm going to make one of these today! You just made the rest of my version of "bike to work week" a whole lot more enjoyable!"


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