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The Illustrated Norton Motorcycle Buyer's Guide - wBW Book Review

Illustrated Norton Motorcycle Buyer's Guide

wBW Book Review

by Bill C. for

Illustrated Norton Motorcycle Buyer's Guide
by Roy Bacon
Hardcover 160 pages, (1991)
Niton Publishing, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, England
ISBN: 1-85579-004-1
Dimensions (in inches): 0.375 x 9.20 x 7.43

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Here's yet another in the series of "Illustrated Buyer's Guides".

This time, the focus is on Norton.

It includes many excellent photos of old and strange Nortons that you've probably never seen before.

It also has a good and complete history of the marque, right up to the innovative Wankels of 1988.

And there are also some good tips on purchasing vintage Nortons and a guide to colors, engines and frame numbers.

It's a must (and four helmets) for any Norton fan!

Note: this book can be hard to find, as it seems to go in and out of print. Try Old Britts; they have lots of vintage British motorcycle books and parts.

Publication Date: March 2005

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